Mental Illness, Stress, Drugs: Why These Mothers Claim They Harmed Their Children

Megan Huntsman

Megan Huntsman in court.

Her case was highly publicized. | HLN via YouTube

Megan Huntsman’s husband was cleaning out the family’s garage when he discovered a box with the remains of a newborn baby. Sadly, six more dead infants were later discovered. A meth addiction forced Hunstman to spiral out of control, causing her to harm her newborn children. Her husband admitted that his drug addiction was also severe, and he didn’t even realize she had been pregnant so many times. During her trial, her mother tearfully took the stand and explained how the woman who harmed those babies was, “Not my Megan.”

With today’s opioid crisis so out of control, more attention has been brought to how severe drug addiction can truly be. If Hunstman and her husband had gotten the recovery help they needed, this disaster might never have happened.

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