Doctors Reveal Things Patients Do That Drive Them Crazy

Your relationship with your doctor is a personal thing. You want someone who understands your conditions and knows the best way to communicate with you. But, this is also a relationship that requires a lot of give and take.

How you act toward your doctor can really define that relationship. And all too often, patients have certain ticks and behaviors that drive their doctors completely crazy. Check out our list to make sure you aren’t doing any of these things that drive your doctor completely bonkers. (Page 9 is a huge faux-pas!)

Accosting your doctor outside of the office

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If your doctor is off the clock, let them have their personal time. |

That’s great that you feel comfortable enough to go up and say “hi” to your doctor when you see them in line at the grocery store, or out to dinner with the family. However, that isn’t the time for you to ask what kind of medications you should be on. “While (the patients) all think that I remember all the details of their history, I don’t,” Melissa Young, M.D. tells Physicians Practice. “I will generally give them some brief generic advice, tell them to call the office during the next business day, at which point I can go over their history and give them a more detailed answer.”

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