Doctors Reveal 15 Things You Should Do to Avoid Getting Dementia

Over 5 million Americans live with Alzheimer’s disease — and that’s just one of many different types of dementia you can develop as you age. If you’re like most people over the age of 50, and want to avoid getting dementia, you’re in luck. There are many risk factors, like what you eat and how you sleep, that are completely under your control.

Here’s what doctors recommend you should to to lower your dementia risk and live a long life full of memories you can hold onto.

1. Mind your alcohol intake

red wine pouring in a restaurant

Booze should be kept to a minimum. | CarlosAndreSantos/iStock/Getty Images

 Alcohol does not cause dementia — if you’re already limiting yourself to one or two drinks per day, you probably don’t need to change your drinking habits. But excessive alcohol intake can increase your dementia risk — and getting your drinking under better control can lower your chances of developing it.

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