Doing This 1 Thing Every Day Is a Total Life Changer

You’ve probably heard there are real health benefits of having friends, and spending time with your family is important. And this is true. But we live in a world of constant contact, and sometimes it might seem like you can’t get a break from the background noise. Still, this advice might surprise you: It could be time to scale back your social life.

Spend time alone every day

A little alone time is good for you. | iStock/Getty Images

This might seem like controversial advice, especially because being lonely is bad for your health. But as it turns out, there might be such a thing as being too connected, according to Entrepreneur. And there are some real benefits to spending a little time in solitude every day.

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You’ll recuperate and recharge

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Relaxation time will help you recharge. | iStock/Getty Images

Extroverts and introverts both need time alone to recharge, Entrepreneur reports. The mental solitude you feel when you’re by yourself helps you recover from life’s daily stresses.

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You’ll increase your concentration and improve productivity

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Alone time helps you concentrate when you need it. | Rostislav_Sedlacek/iStock/Getty Images

Spending time alone removes distractions and helps you concentrate, Psychology Today reports. So if you need to be productive, it can be very beneficial.

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You’ll strengthen your relationships

Group of intercultural friends having Thanksgiving dinner

When you do go out, you’ll have a stronger sense of self. | Shironosov/iStock/Getty Images

Spending time with yourself gives you a better understanding of who you are and what you desire in life, according to Psychology Today. In turn, you’ll make better choices about whom you want to be around. And you’ll appreciate your relationships with others more.

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You’ll learn to trust yourself

Smiling with curiosity and sincerity while having a phone call

Knowing yourself can boost your confidence. |

If you don’t spend time alone, you won’t develop the ability to think clearly without any outside influence or pressure from others, according to Entrepreneur. When you’re by yourself, you can form a clear understanding of who you are and what feels right for you.

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You’ll build mental strength

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Having alone time is good for you. |

Believe it or not, solitude can help you experience less depression, Forbes reports. The ability to tolerate alone time has been linked to better stress management, increased happiness, and better life satisfaction. As important as it is to make social connections, it’s just as vital to be alone sometimes.

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You’ll truly get to know yourself

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Knowing yourself is incredibly important. | JANIFEST/iStock/Getty Images

Being able to make choices without any outside influences helps you become more comfortable in your own skin, according to Forbes. This will help you develop more insight into who you are as a person. And in return, you’ll have an easier time making decisions.

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