How Donald and Melania Trump Started Their Relationship and What It Took for Him to Get Her Number

Donald Trump’s marriage to Melania seems to be shrouded in mystery. Not much is known about the couple except for what we see on television or read on the internet. When we do get small glimpses into the Trump marriage, it’s usually images of Melania appearing to frown at Donald or push his hand away.

What were things like before they were married? How did Donald and Melania Trump meet? Here’s what we know about the scandalous way Donald and Melania Trump met and what it took for him to get her number.

Melania is just his type

official white house portrait for melania trump

The Donald has a thing for models. | The White House via Getty Images

It’s no secret Donald Trump likes the ladies. But he isn’t interested in just any type of woman. He has a thing for models, so it’s no surprise he had his sights set on dating Melania, a former model. Trump’s first and second wives (Ivana Trump and Marla Maples) were also models. In addition, it’s reported he dated Allison Giannini and former Sports Illustrated model Kylie Bax.

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Two is company?

Donald Trump and Melania seated next to each other

Trump asked for Melania’s number while on a date with another woman. | Ethan Miller/Getty Images for SHOWTIME

The president sure knows how to multitask. Inside Edition reports he attempted to start a relationship with Melania while he was on a date with another woman. Trump reportedly met Melania in 1998 while he was on a date with Norwegian cosmetics heiress Celina Midelfart. Trump sent Midelfart to the bathroom so he could talk to Melania, according to GQ. They were all attending a model party at the Kit Kat Club in New York City.

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The Donald likes to party

Donald Trump speaks at a rally

You never know who you’ll meet at a party. | John Sommers II/Getty Images

This isn’t the first time Trump met a future model girlfriend at a party. The New York Times reports he met former girlfriend Kara Young at a Hamptons party back in 1997. After asking someone for her number, he called her. Trump is not only known for using parties to meet beautiful women but also for making business deals, according to The Daily Beast.

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Melania wasn’t too thrilled with the situation

donald trump pointing to melania with an american flag behind them

Melania rejected Trump’s advances initially. | Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Melania told GQ she was aware Trump came to the party with a date, so she initially refused his advances. The first lady told Time she heard Trump had a reputation for being a ladies’ man, so she wasn’t interested in dating him at first. “He came to the party with a date! I had heard he was a ladies’ man, and so I said, ‘I’m not one of the ladies,’ Melania told Time in the book Donald Trump: The Rise of a Rule Breaker.

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The first lady played hard to get

Melania Trump gardening

It wasn’t too easy for Trump to get in contact with Melania. | Win McNamee/Getty Images

Arranging a way to communicate with Melania proved to be a difficult task. The model wouldn’t give Trump her phone number. “I tried to get her number, and she wouldn’t give it to me,” Trump told Time. Instead of giving out her number, Melania said she asked for his. “If I give him my number, I’m just one of the women he calls,” the first lady told GQ.

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The Donald really wanted Melania to call him

Donald Trump during debate

Trump wasn’t taking no for an answer. | Scott Olson/Getty Images

Getting Melania’s phone number wasn’t going to happen that night. Melania asked for Donald’s phone number and he complied. “I said, ‘I am not giving you my number. You give me yours, and I will call you.’ I wanted to see what kind of number he would give me — if it was a business number, what is this? I am not doing business with you,” she told Harper’s Bazaar. Melania got more than what she was probably expecting. Instead of just giving her one phone number, she said Donald gave her all his numbers, which included the number to his office, his Mar-a-Lago property, and his home in New York.

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She didn’t call right away

Melania Trump on White House Lawn

Melania was not impressed with Donald Trump’s celebrity status. | Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images

It appears Melania was different from the other women Donald had expressed interest in. The first lady says she wasn’t smitten when she first met the president. Melania didn’t make things easy for him. It is reported Melania waited an entire week before making the first phone call. “I’m not starstruck. We had a great connection, we had great chemistry, but I was not starstruck. And maybe he noticed that,” she told GQ.

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A happy ending

Donald Trump kissing Melania Trump

They dated for six years before they married. | Alex Wong/Getty Images

After a six-year courtship, the president proposed to Melania in 2004 and the couple was married in 2005 at his Mar-a-Lago property in Palm Beach, Florida. Not surprisingly, Trump made sure he did things big. He presented her with a 12-carat diamond ring worth $2 million. “It was a great surprise. We are very happy together,” Melania told the New York Post after the engagement.

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What’s the secret to their long marriage? Separate bathrooms

Trump and Melania departing a plane.

Their long marriage is mainly due to certain rules. | Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images

Melania and Donald have been married for 12 years. Perhaps the secret to their longevity is the fact that they don’t share a bathroom. That works out really well for Donald, because it seems like he’s not a fan of witnessing his partner passing gas or going to the bathroom. In an interview with Howard Stern he was quite happy about the fact that he’s never heard or witnessed Melania do either of those things.

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That’s not all that’s separate

Donald Trump, Barron Trump and Melania Trump walking on a green lawn.

These things may seem strange, but it works for the first couple. | Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images

Keeping things separate appears to be a running theme in this relationship. A good night’s sleep is very important, and it seems like this couple takes their sleep hygiene very seriously. The First Couple is rumored to not share a bed, either. US Weekly reported Melania and Donald share a bedroom, but not a bed. Perhaps getting enough sleep is what helps keep arguments at a minimum.

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Melania says she tries not to nag

Donald Trump turning around and smiling at Melania.

Perhaps she feels the pressure to be the perfect wife. | Giphy

Each partnership is different, and some partners have a varying tolerance for what some might refer to as nagging. Some husbands complain about their wives being a nag, but that’s unlikely to be something you’ll hear from Donald Trump. Melania is quoted as saying she is very careful about not upsetting Donald or being too much of a burden. Melania told GQ she doesn’t nag her husband and she isn’t needy.

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