Donald Trump Jr.’s Wife Files for Divorce: Bizarre Way They Met Is Just 1 of the Reasons Why the Marriage Was Doomed From the Start

Everyone is still reeling over new details surrounding the divorce of Donald Trump Jr. and Vanessa Trump. It seems a new development emerges daily. Apparently, their marriage wasn’t as picture-perfect as many were led to believe. The similarities between Donald Trump Jr. and his father are much more than we ever imagined.

Some are wondering how they missed the signs this seemingly flawless couple was unhappy. However, looking back the unraveling of their marriage was happening right under our noses. The couple was just skilled at hiding their troubles.

This is the bizarre way Vanessa and Donald Trump Jr. met and signs the marriage was doomed from the start.

Friends were worried

Their marriage was not meant to be. | Win McNamee/Getty Images

Sometimes your friends and family can see a doomed relationship a lot sooner than you can. This seemed to be the case with Vanessa. Sources told Page Six Vanessa and Donald Jr. were having relationship problems even before they got married. Vanessa’s friends warned her not to marry him, according to Page Six. Said one source:

They were having problems before they even got married. People were telling her not to marry him before the wedding. She was interviewing divorce lawyers before [Trump’s presidency]. No one thought he’d win. He won, and she decided to stay until his term is over. But she just couldn’t stand it anymore.

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The unromantic way he proposed

He used the engagement as a promotion for a New Jersey jeweler. | Brian Ach/Getty Images for Make-A-Wish Metro New York

Donald Jr. is quite wealthy, but that didn’t stop him from accepting a free engagement ring from jewelry store Bailey, Banks & Biddle. This is the one time where spending a little cash on your loved one is acceptable (and he could definitely afford to), but he chose to be cheap.

In exchange for a free engagement ring, he agreed to share photos of him and Vanessa getting engaged at New Jersey’s Short Hills mall. Donald Trump Sr. didn’t approve. In a 2004 interview, he told Larry King it’s important to be careful about pulling these types of stunts when you’re famous.

I wasn’t thrilled with what he did to be honest with you. And he got a free ring for promoting the jewelry company. And who knows if the jewelry company is even any good… I didn’t like it. I certainly don’t like it with respect to a wedding ring… And I said, you have a big obligation, you have a name that’s hot as a pistol, you have to be very careful with things like this.

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Dark secrets

Other women have come out of the woodwork since news of the divorce. | Stephanie Lamy /AFP/Getty Images

Most of us don’t think our direct messages on Twitter will ever be shared. This is probably why Donald Trump Jr. felt comfortable enough to flirt with a model through Twitter’s direct-message feature while he was still married to Vanessa.

Model Melissa Stetten shared suggestive direct messages Donald Jr. sent her through the social media site. The messages were from November 2011, which was just one month after Vanessa gave birth their son Tristan, reports The Cut. Stetten posted this sarcastic message on her Twitter account: “Surprised his marriage didn’t work out since he was sending me DMs a month after his wife gave birth.”

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Aubrey O’Day was interested in more than becoming the next apprentice

Trump Jr. pursued Aubrey O’Day. | Money Sharma/Getty Images, Right: Aubrey O’Day was on Celebrity Apprentice. | Mark Davis/Getty Images

Sources are claiming Donald Trump Jr. and singer Aubrey O’Day had an affair, according to Page Six. They allegedly started a romantic relationship while Vanessa was pregnant with the couple’s third child, Tristan. O’Day was a contestant on Celebrity Apprentice in 2011. Another source told the publication Donald Jr. was the one who started the affair. “Don Jr. “pursued [Aubrey]. It was him who chased her,” said the source. “He told her that his marriage was already in the process of dissolving.”

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Vanessa confronts Donald Jr.’s mistress

O’Day was confronted by Vaness Trump. | Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images

According to sources, Vanessa learned about the affair when she saw seductive text messages from O’Day on Donald Jr.’s phone. “To Don Jr. [the affair] was very exciting,” an insider told People magazine. “Aubrey was very, very into Don. He liked her, but she was definitely more keen on him.”

According to Us Weekly, Vanessa called O’Day after finding the text messages. A source told the magazine Vanessa tried to convince O’Day to end the affair by calling her while her kids were also on the phone. “She called Aubrey with her kids on the phone. Vanessa’s intent was to shame O’Day away from her husband — and she didn’t intend to back down,” said the source.

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Donald Jr. planned to leave

Donald Trump Jr.

Trump Jr. had plans to leave his wife. | David Becker/Getty Images

US Weekly also spoke to a source who said Donald Trump Jr. had plans to leave Vanessa. He even went as far as looking for a new residence in New York City. Trump Jr.’s plan, according to the insider, was to separate from Vanessa so that he could be with O’Day. However, Trump Jr. ended his affair in March 2012, and decided to stay married to his wife.

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A private man

Despite the scrutiny, he made moves to keep his life private. | Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Were there other women? If Donald Trump Jr. continued to have affairs, this could explain his sudden need for privacy. Despite the necessity of Secret Service protection, at one point he decided he didn’t want their services. Donald Trump Jr. requested Secret Service for him and possibly his wife and children to be suspended, according to The New York Times. He reportedly said he wanted more privacy. However, the Secret Service detail was later restored.

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Donald Jr. is beyond frugal

Donald Trump Jr and Vanessa Trump

Vanessa Trump was kept on a very strict budget. | Bryan Bedder/Getty Images For IMG

Despite appearances, Vanessa was not living the typical Trump lifestyle, according to Page Six. Friends say Donald Trump Jr. put his wife on a strict budget. Sources say Vanessa was so strapped for cash she didn’t even have enough money to pay her bill when she went out to eat dinner with friends. Sources also claim Vanessa would have to ask her mother for money.

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Sources say Donald Jr. didn’t treat Vanessa well

The couple were clearly not happy together. | Jeff Swensen/Getty Images

Insiders also told Page Six that Vanessa was not being treated well. Although Vanessa’s spokesperson denies the claims, friends say otherwise. “He treats her like a second-class citizen,” a source told Page Six. “He gives her very little help and has been keeping her on a tight budget. She doesn’t live a lavish life and can very rarely pick up a check at dinner.” Another source claims Donald Jr. was never generous with his money.

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The bizarre way Donald Jr. and Vanessa met

Vanessa Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Donald Trump and Melania Trump

The couple was introduced to each other by Trump. | Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

Vanessa and Trump Jr. met in 2003 at a fashion show. President Trump introduced her to Trump Jr.—twice. She told The New York Times in a 2006 interview that Trump Sr. had introduced them twice within five minutes. Vanessa wasn’t impressed. At the time, there wasn’t a love connection and the two went their separate ways. A few weeks later, they met again at another party and hit it off this time. She said part of the reason she spoke to him was because she didn’t recognize him from the last party they attended.

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Focusing on the kids

She’ll continue to focus on her kids. | Donald Trump Jr. via Instagram

When some people are under life’s pressures, they find something or someone else to turn to. Vanessa chose to become more engaged with her family. Vanessa found refuge in motherhood. During the marriage, one way she coped was by making the couple’s five children her focus. Her sister-in-law, Ivanka Trump, even told People magazine that Vanessa was a “Wonder Woman” when it came to taking care of kids. Vanessa’s former agent at Elite Model Management, Christine Schott, told People that Vanessa prioritized her children.

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