Donald Trump Jr. Will Never Be Able to Live These 2 Shocking Photos Down

The Trumps are clearly known best for their politics, but that’s not the only time we hear about the family in the news. While we’re busily invading Ivanka’s home life and Tiffany’s lifestyle, there are a few other Trumps we can’t forget about. And two of them were involved in major controversy around the time of the presidential campaign.

After tabloids got access to photos of Eric and Donald Trump Jr. during an excursion, the media went wild. Here’s what the brothers were doing, how Donald Trump reacted, and the two photos that shocked us all.

Eric and Don Jr. went on a hunting trip to Africa

Trumps hunting

The Trump boys love to hunt. | Happy Healthy Vegan via YouTube

Before the Trumps were even on anyone’s radar, Don Jr. and Eric Trump went to Zimbabwe in 2012, ABC News reports. This wasn’t just any visit to a foreign country, however — this was a big-game hunting trip.

“We are both avid outdoorsmen and were brought up hunting and fishing with our grandfather,” the brothers told E! News in regards to their excursion. When photos surfaced showing them killing a wide range of animals during their father’s presidential campaign, however, they received serious backlash, particularly from PETA.

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First shocking photo: the brothers holding a hunted leopard

Don Jr. and Eric Trump with leopard. | Mia Farrow via Twitter

Actress and activist Mia Farrow reposted one of the many infamous photos of the Trumps holding their dead big game. Here, the brothers are looking proud while holding up a large leopard they hunted. The actress showed her disgust while beckoning the question, “What went so wrong with Trump sons that they could kill this beautiful creature?”

The sons fired back, saying, “We have the utmost respect for nature and have always hunted in accordance with local laws and regulations,” E! News reports. They also said the meat was donated to local villagers and didn’t go to waste — but that didn’t stop the Twitter storm.

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The two defended their hunt on Twitter

Donald Trump, Jr. hunting tweet. | Donald Trump, Jr. via Twitter

Though the two took to the media to defend themselves, that didn’t stop the barrage of angry Twitter users. ABC News reports Don Jr. responded to one angry social media user in all caps. “I AM A HUNTER I don’t hide from that,” he tweeted back in 2012. He posted another comment too, saying, “I didn’t give the pics but I have no shame about them either. I HUNT & EAT game.”

Even their mother, Ivana, doesn’t blame others for giving them grief. “But why go to Zimbabwe to shoot Bambi and Dumbo? I don’t blame people for giving them a hard time about it,” she wrote in her book.

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Second shocking photo: Trump Jr. with a sawed-off elephant tail

Donald Trump, Jr. with an elephant tail | AJ Joshi via Twitter

Though many of the photos with Don Jr. and Eric Trump holding up their big game were shocking, this one was the most brutal of them all. Here, Don Jr. is seen holding up a sawed-off elephant tail. One Twitter user retweeted the photo, questioning whether it was barbaric or just par for the course with game hunting.

Even those who don’t have a problem with hunting found their photos troubling. Daily Mail Online shows another photo of the two with a crocodile hanging from a noose behind them, which stirred additional controversy.


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The pair reportedly paid big money for this hunting excursion

The Trump’s hunting trips were an issue during the 2016 campaign. | Drew Angerer/Getty Images

It wasn’t just rabbits and deer the brothers hunted that year, which means big money was spent for the trip. Daily Mail Online explains the 2012 trophy fees for a kudu, the deer-like animal they shot, was nearly $3,000 alone. The two were also seen with a dead waterbuck, which was nearly another $2,000. And they killed far more than just two animals on their trip.

The brothers used the company Hunting Legends. And according to their tour guide, the Trumps had “the precision of a true marksman.”

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Here’s what their father had to say regarding the matter

Trump supported his sons. | Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images

It may surprise many to know that Donald Trump doesn’t believe in hunting. But regardless, in 2012, Donald defended his sons to TMZ. “My sons love hunting,” he told the publication. “They’re hunters and they’ve become good at it. I am not a believer in hunting and I’m surprised they like it.” He also went on to say that he knows anything his sons did was 100% in accordance with the laws of that country, and he’s not concerned at all with how they conducted themselves.

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A new hunting policy might benefit big-game hunters

John Kelly and Donald Trump

Trump is trying to repeal a trophy ban on rare animals. | Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images

The Obama administration enacted a ban on various wildlife trophies, and now, the Trump administration is quietly trying to pull the ban back. The Washington Post explains Trump’s team wants to allow sport hunter to keep some of their trophy items, like elephant tusks and body parts, “on a case-by-case basis.” Public outcry has put the repeal on hold, however, since the population of African elephants has shrunk to about 400,000.

As Tanya Sanerib, a director at the Center for Biological Diversity, says, “Elephants aren’t meant to be trophies.” But we imagine his sons will be pleased if they can bring their trophies back home to the states.

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