Donald Trump Shares His Tricks to Cut Carbs (But Is His Method Healthy?)

Both Donald Trump and his doctor claim he’s in good health. In some ways, they aren’t wrong. He doesn’t drink alcohol. He also follows his physician’s orders for managing his health issues. Apparently, he also takes a few extra steps before meals to ensure he’s eating well. Whatever “well” means for him, anyway.

Trump might be more health-conscious than he appears, having established a few healthy eating rules for himself. Find out whether or not he could actually lose weight following these guidelines (page 6) and the real reason Trump prefers fast food over slow-prepared meals (page 8).

Donald Trump’s eating habits aren’t great, but they’re pretty ‘average’

Trump McDonald's

Most Americans enjoy McDonald’s from time-to-time. | Donald Trump via Instagram

No one’s sure exactly what Trump eats day in and day out. But we do know he eats a lot of McDonald’s — mostly Big Macs, fried fish sandwiches, and french fries. He apparently has a few “tricks” to cut carbs and lose weight, but they’re questionable.

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He eats burgers, but without the bun

Lady eats a beefburger

Is it really the same without the bun? | Cate Gillon/Getty Images

Instead of eating a cheeseburger or Big Mac with his hands, Trump uses a knife and fork. He takes everything off the bun and sets the bread aside, which maybe saves some calories (and carbs?) here and there. This isn’t even the only bread he throws out.

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He also eats pizza, but without the dough …

Chicken fajita pizza with peppers and garlic dip

This carb-cutting hack is one of Donald Trump’s favorites. | Bartosz Luczak/iStock/Getty Images

Every good pizza starts with a solid dough. Trump’s carb-cutting strategy still allows him to eat pizza … sort of. He claims to scrape off the toppings and leave the crust behind. So basically, he eats pizza sauce, cheese, and maybe some meat and vegetables. Maybe.

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… and yet, he eats breaded fried chicken


KFC is another Trump favorite. | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Shunning hamburger buns and pizza dough is, at the very least, an effort to appear health-conscious. Trump contradicts these efforts with his other food preferences, though. Does he realize you have to “bread” fish patties and chicken legs before you fry them?

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The problem with Trump’s ‘bread ban’

Donald Trump

Is this choice really the healthy choice? | Jim Lo Scalzo – Pool/Getty Images

Though he seems to think eating fast food — with a few personalized adjustments — is good enough, avoiding bread doesn’t really make up for his other eating habits. He also claims to not have time for anything other than drive-through food, so it’s highly unlikely he incorporates exercise into his routine.

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Is Trump’s ‘diet’ really going to help him lose weight?

U.S. President Donald Trump listens during a joint news conference in the East Room of the White House April 3, 2018 in Washington, DC

We’re not so sure … | Alex Wong/Getty Images

One of the many myths about eating carbs is that following a low-carb diet is a guaranteed weight loss method. Eating pizza toppings and ground beef doesn’t necessarily replenish any “lost” nutrition in Trump’s diet, especially if he keeps going back to KFC for more fried chicken.

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He might be better off trying a different diet …

US President Donald Trump walks to Marine

Focusing on healthy protein and fats may be the better solution. | Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images 

Many studies have shown that eating fewer carbs might not lead to long-term weight loss. The point of a low-carb diet is to replace high-carb, high-calorie foods with healthy protein and fat sources. Based on what we know about Trump’s eating habits, it doesn’t seem like he’s following those two rules closely.

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The real reason Donald Trump loves fast food

New York City Board Of Health Approves Bloomberg's Over Sized Sugary Drink Ban

Fast food is usually the same no matter where you go. | Mario Tama/Getty Images

Donald Trump is a little obsessed with germs. He prefers meals from chain restaurants like McDonald’s because you know exactly what’s going into the food you’re eating no matter which location you visit. He eats it not just for the convenience or flavor, but also for its consistency.

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