Downright Scandalous Confessions From Flight Attendants

Every job has its horror stories. And being a flight attendant may be one of the most scandal-riddled gigs out there. From predatory pilots to frisky flyers, these FAs have seen just about everything. Wondering what some of their most scandalous stories are? Brace yourself — some of these confessions are quite crazy.

Bad hygiene

The Simpson family on a plane.

The flight attendant is not a servant! | Giphy

There are certain things you just don’t do in public, and clipping your toenails is one of them. Unfortunately, as one flight attendant revealed to Cosmopolitan Magazine, not everyone knows how disgusting this is activity is. She tells Cosmo that one passenger clipped his toenails into a pile in the middle of the flight, and then asked the FA to clean it up!

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Seedy celebrities

Britney Spears as a flight attendant.

Flight attendants have seen it all. | Giphy

In the same Cosmo article, another flight attendant details some lewd behavior by a first-class-flying celebrity. The celebrity, who is kept anonymous, reportedly got a little frisky with another individual in the airplane bathroom, and kept repeatedly knocking the call button in the middle of a red-eye. Said celebrity was also reportedly married with a baby on the way.

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Pervy pilots

A flight attendant shakes her finger.

There had to be a stop to this. | Giphy

Marie Claire interviewed one female flight attendant who went into titillating detail about the skeezy behavior of some pilots. In the account, she details how one pilot would send flirtatious texts to multiple FAs simultaneously — and would often do so while in the presence of another woman.

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Risky slide stunt

A flight attendant dances down the aisle.

Some flights are anything but predictable. | Giphy

United Airlines has made its fair share of headlines recently, and on some occasions, because of a flight attendants bad decisions. After a flight landed in Houston earlier this year, one FA deployed the emergency chute slide in order to get off the plane quicker. There was no word on exactly why the attendant did this. But the action did, however, delay unloading the plane for a couple hours. (And cost United a ton of money.)

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‘Friendly competition’

A flight attendant demonstration.

The job might get you some unique dates. | Giphy

It’s not just pilots that behave badly. The same Marie Claire article details that flight attendants “compete” for the attention of good-looking passengers. The FA being interviewed recalls exchanging numbers with a passenger, and then visiting him for ski vacations over the winter.

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Mile High sexcapades

A woman talks on a phone.

The pilot did not have anything more important to do, it seems. | Giphy

As previously mentioned, flight attendants have their fair share of personal scandalous stories to tell. Scandal hit Air France hard in 2016 when it was learned that FAs and pilots were having sex parties mid-flight. Some of the hook-ups reportedly took place in the cockpit.

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Crazy cat lady, gone too far

A cat flies alongside a plane.

You might witness some strange behavior throughout your travels. | Giphy

One employee tells Business Insider a terrifying tale of a woman breastfeeding a cat during a flight. This is something that has, allegedly, happened on more than one occasion. The reaction of the passenger being asked to halt this bizarre behavior? They say they have the right to breastfeed their “baby.”

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Other ‘animal behavior’

A kangaroo bounces while sitting down.

Imagine seeing this little guy on a flight. | Giphy

Crazy cat fiascos aren’t the only animal stories emerging from flights. Flight attendants have also reported seeing things such as fish, frogs, and — gasp! — giant spiders. Business Insider even pulled an Instagram post  that shows a passenger that brought a support animal on the flight. But not just any normal dog or cat support animal: A support kangaroo.

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Tipsy trouble

A crew talks to a drunken woman on a plane.

Don’t take advantage of the free booze sometimes offered on flights. | Giphy

Having one too many drinks in a bar is bad enough as it is. But on a plane? Even worse. Cosmopolitan Magazine chronicles the story of a flight attendant that witnessed a young woman having too many drinks while on a flight with her bosses. After some very unfortunate behavior in her first-class seat, the young woman ended up passed out in the bathroom — and the ordeal cost her her job.

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In-flight tents?

A plane full of flyers looking curiously forward.

Definitely not allowed. | Giphy

One FA tells Cosmopolitan Magazine that a member of a soccer team started chatting up an attractive young woman during a flight. The two allegedly created a tent made out of blankets in the back of the plane and decided to get busy. There were also reportedly many families sitting in the area.

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Filthy flyers

A plane lands on a runway.

Don’t expect flight attendants to clean up after you. | Giphy

Some airplane passengers are just gross, period. One FA tells Business Insider about a passenger who changed their baby’s diaper in the middle of the plane instead of in the bathroom. What’s worse is that the passenger left the dirty diaper on the plane — in the backseat fold where the in-flight magazine’s go.

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Impatient travelers

A couple toasts on a plane.

Try to practice some patience while flying | Giphy

Want to irritate a flight attendant before the plane even takes off? Be as impatient as possible. The Cheat Sheet learned for a recent article what annoying habits bother flight attendants the most. Being impatient and calling the FA for things before the plane has even taken off is high on that list.

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‘Boys’ Club’ behavior

Airplane wing among clouds.

Some inappropriate things could be happening up in the air. | WeatherlyHammond/iStocik/Getty Images

Unfortunately, inappropriate behavior by pilots is all-too common. The female flight attendant interviewed by Marie Claire painted a scene in which one pilot wrapped his arm around her waist in public, unsolicited. The copilot allegedly approached them and mockingly asked “when the baby” was due. The attendant called the “boys’ club” type behavior “disgusting but typical.”

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Unaware passengers

A plane flies in the evening.

Flight attendants want you to be aware of your surroundings. | Giphy

Another habit that is sure to push a flight attendant over the edge is being unaware of your surroundings with large bags. Sure, carry-on luggage can be cumbersome. But you should always do your best not to swing it towards someone’s head. That’s a surefire way to anger your fellow passengers, and get on the flight attendants’ nerves.

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Not kid-friendly

A group of children scream on a plane.

Try to keep your cool. | Giphy

Sure, being in closed quarters with a screaming child is no fun. but behaving like a child back? Even worse. Many flight attendants have revealed that screaming back at a crying child is a good way to get on the bad side of everyone on your flight. (Or end up on the internet, like the man in this viral video.)

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