Drinks That Reduce Bloat and Help You Achieve a Flat Stomach

You know you can prepare yourself for some serious abdominal discomfort after a big meal — but for most, bloating doesn’t just occur on rare occasion. WebMD notes one out of every 10 Americans says they experience bloating regularly. And for some, it’s so severe that their abdomen looks noticeably distended.

It’s clear that diet has a lot to do with belly bloat, but what you drink matters, too. Here are the beverages you should be adding into your diet to combat the gas.


Detail of kefir milk and kefir grains in glass jars

Kefir | iStock.com/Juanmoro

Dairy causes bloating in many, but this yogurt-based drink is actually good for your gut. Shape explains kefir, which is a fermented dairy product high in probiotics, contains up to 12-billion colony-forming units of good bacteria in every 8-ounce glass. Essentially, it’s way better for you than yogurt and can seriously help beat the bloat.

It’s well known that probiotics help keep your digestive system in check. If you don’t like kefir, you can also try adding kimchi or sauerkraut to your diet.

Peppermint tea

When it comes to tea, peppermint might be your best bet for conquering belly bloat. Insider says herbal teas in general are good for your digestion, and peppermint in particular contains muscle-relaxing properties that can be of particular aid. Essentially, if you’re having issues passing food or getting rid of trapped gas, peppermint tea is the way to go.

You’re well-advised to step away from the coffee, too, as this morning beverage is known to irritate your gut lining and make bloating worse in many.

Pineapple juice

close up of someone cutting a pineapple

Person cutting a pineapple | iStock/Getty Images

When it comes to fruit, pineapple might be king for decreasing bloat. Shape notes pineapples contain the enzyme bromelain that can help your body break down protein and aid in your digestion. Since the core contains the most bromelain in the fruit, consider juicing it if possible and adding it into a smoothie with kefir.

Coconut water

This light and delicious beverage has become a favorite for many over the years. Not only is coconut water hydrating and delicious, but it’s the perfect drink to sip on when you’re experiencing stomach distention. Azcentral explains the secret to coconut water’s success in de-bloating is due to its high electrolyte content. This beverage contains calcium, chloride, and potassium, which help the body regulate fluids so you don’t retain them.

Plain water

It seems simple, but are you getting enough plain old water in your system? Insider notes if you’re retaining water or gas in your system, the best way to combat it is with more water. Your body will actually hold on to liquids when it’s not getting enough, so be sure you’re well-hydrated before jumping to any other conclusions.

As for how much water you should be drinking, aim for six to eight cups daily. Or, for those who don’t feel like measuring out how much they should be getting, check your urine after you go to the bathroom. If you’re hydrated, it should be a very light yellow. If you’re dehydrated, it will appear much darker.

Create your own de-bloating tonic

Hot tea with ginger and honey

Hot tea with ginger and honey | iStock.com/kuzelv

There are certain ingredients you can mix together into a delicious de-bloating beverage. Here are a few to try.

Hibiscus-ginger tea: Health recommends this recipe for anyone looking to reduce their gassiness fast. Natural medicine specialist Josh Axe tells the publication that ginger has natural anti-inflammatory benefits that aid in digestion. And hibiscus also contains polyphenols that can help.

Turmeric elixir: PopSugar recommends this recipe for a flat stomach. It mainly contains turmeric, a spice that is known for easing belly inflammation, and it also has ginger and lemon. You may notice a surge in your energy levels and clearer skin, too.

Watermelon smoothie: Not only is this drink absolutely delicious, but Runtastic notes watermelon has high concentrations of potassium, which is great news for your gut. Add some mint leaves and some lime juice for extra flavor. Your stomach will thank you.

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