This Is the Worst Thing You Can Say to a Personal Trainer

For many people, exercising regularly requires accountability. Your personal trainer is (hopefully) trained and ready to help you get fit and lose weight — and they might even prompt you to hate workouts a little less. That doesn’t mean every session will end with you feeling good, but you have to start somewhere.

To start off on your trainer’s good side — and stay there — here are a few things you should never, ever say.

‘I want abs in 3 weeks’

Abs take time — and lots of work. | Nikolas_jkd/iStock/Getty Images

One of the best things you can do is show up to your first session with a new trainer carrying a mental list of a few goals you’d like them to help you work toward. The worst thing you can do is ask them to help you achieve the impossible.

A qualified trainer will never tell you that you can achieve unrealistic results. They’re there to help you set milestones you can actually meet in a realistic amount of time.

‘I don’t want to sweat’

Woman athlete exercise training posing portrait champion intimidating

Get over it. You’re going to sweat! |

When you arrive at the gym to work with your trainer, you should always be prepared to sweat. It’s an essential part of biology — you can’t be physically active without it. If you expect to be able to get in shape without sweating, you’re not going to make any progress — at all.

Whatever your reasons for not wanting to sweat, you have two options here: Get over it, or give up exercising completely.

‘Your workouts aren’t helping me’

Young woman doing push ups under supervision of a trainer

Maintain a positive attitude. |

When you’re choosing the trainer who’s right for you, of course you want someone who’s willing to meet you where you’re at and help you set goals. And if you truly aren’t getting along, it’s OK to keep looking until you find the right person.

However, don’t get mad at them if you’re just not getting the results you want fast enough. That’s not their fault — if anyone’s to blame, chances are it’s you.

‘This is too hard’

Personal trainer encouraging to sad young woman after a hard training day in the gym

Don’t get down on yourself or others. |

Exercising isn’t always easy, but your trainer doesn’t want to hear you complain the whole time you’re together. Sure, there are some simple¬†workouts you can do in just a few minutes. But it’s your personal trainer’s job to push you past your perceived limitations and help you improve physically.

‘I’ll try’

Workout Regimen With A Fiercely Loyal Following

Doing your best goes a long way. | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

When your trainer suggests working out between sessions, sticking to your diet routine, and all other methods they’ve put in place to help you, don’t shrug them off with a simple, “I’ll try.” Even if you don’t feel fully motivated to keep exercising on your own, your attitude can make all the difference.

It takes effort to work out consistently and lose weight fast. Show up to your session — and approach workouts on your own — with the right mindset. Do your best — don’t just try.

‘Yep, I’m totally following my workout plan’

Woman doing balasana yoga at gym, with focus on hands.

Do you spend more time in child’s pose than actually working out? |

Except you aren’t. And that’s a problem. If you aren’t going to follow the workout routine your personal trainer gave you, why are you paying them in the first place? It’s OK to openly discuss the plan with your trainer, including the reasons you’re struggling. They’re not here to judge you — they want to help you.

‘I want to look like that person on that TV show’

kim kardashian

Kim has to work hard for her body. | Scott Barbour/Getty Images

Don’t show up with a phone filled with photos of Kim Kardashian and say, “This is who I want to look like.” You hired a personal trainer, not a plastic surgeon.

Your trainer can’t help you look like an Olympic athlete¬†or give you the body of your favorite on-screen celebrity. They can, however, help you make the most of the body you have by prescribing the best workouts for you personally.

‘I heard this exercise was better’

Girl workingout in gym

Don’t be a know-it-all. |

When you’re in the middle of a session with your trainer, who’s in charge? Definitely not you. If you knew all the best exercises, how to do them correctly, and what they were good for, you could probably do all this on your own. But you aren’t.

There are plenty of outdated and ineffective exercises out there. It’s your personal trainer’s job to steer you away from the moves that aren’t going to help you achieve your goals. Listen to them.

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