2 Effective Exercises to Look Like Brie Larson in ‘Captain Marvel’

To portray a superhero on the big screen, actors have to get into superhuman shape. And for Academy Award winner Brie Larson, that meant a lot of commitment and strength training to get her ready for Captain Marvel.

Just how did the 28-year-old actress get so svelte? We take a look at Brie Larson’s workout regimen, and two specific exercises that her trainer says were extra effective. (Check out page 6 to see how you can mimic these exercises yourself.)

First off, it didn’t happen overnight

Brie Larson in a Marvel Studios cap.

Brie Larson works as hard as a superhero to get her strong body. | Brie Larson via Twitter

Needless to say, Larson didn’t wake up one morning miraculously in superhero shape. She has maintained steady workout regimens since she got into shape for Room. For Captain Marvel, she chronicled parts of her nine month fitness regimen on social media to inspire others. “Getting stronger is a process I’m committed to showing up for everyday,” she writes in one Instagram post.

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Her fitness guru

Jason Walsh at the gym.

Jason Walsh is a well-known celebrity personal trainer. | Jason Walsh via Instagram

To stay in tip top shape, Larson regularly relies on a number of trainers to keep her on track at thee gym everyday. One of her most well-known trainers — and the person noted as her fitness guru — is LA-based celebrity trainer Jason Walsh, who has helped cultivate the actress’s intense strength training regimen.

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Bucking the ‘strength’ stigma

Brie Larson at the gym.

Brie Larson worked hard to conquer these difficult workouts. | Brie Larson via Instagram

Sure, the term “strength training” sounds like it’s meant for people wanting to bulk up. But Walsh explains that Larson is bucking that stigma by doing heavy lifting with her small, toned frame. “It’s kind of thought of and accepted that women are just weaker in the upper body,” he tells Popsugar, saying Larson is doing exercises “that weren’t necessarily even in her thought process.”

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Craziest exercise she can do?

Brie Larson training at the gym with her trainer.

Her trainer worked hard to build her strength. | Brie Larson via instagram

Walsh has Larson and the rest of his celebrity clientele do heavy lifting. Check out the actress’s social media and you can find her lifting weights and doing push-ups with heavy chains draped on top of her. But nothing is as crazy as the Instagram video Larson posted of herself doing hip thrusts with a 400-pound weight. 

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Two most effective exercises

Brie Larson smiles while on a red carpet.

Brie Larson looks amazing after toning up her already-great body. | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

So just what are those two exercises that have transformed Brie Larson into a superhero? Pull-ups and box jumps. “Brie is cranking out pull-ups for the first time in her life and she’s doing box jumps over her hip height,” Walsh tells Popsugar.

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How you can copy her workout

A woman does a pull-up at a gym.

You can tackle these workouts yourself. | Kostolom/iStock/Getty Images

Lucky for those of us who don’t have superhuman strength, the exercises that Brie Larson swears by are easy to copy without going too overboard. The Cheat Sheet has the guide to help you master the perfect pull-up, and get the most out of doing box jumps.

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Diet is also important

Brie Larson posing with a milkshake.

The actress occasionally treats herself to Shake Shack. | Brie Larson via Instagram

Larson’s grueling workout plan can’t be as effective as it is unless it’s paired with a healthy diet. While Looper.com doesn’t recommend adapting Larson’s super restrictive diet without consulting a nutritionist, you can certainly put key elements of her eating plan into play. When training for Room, the actress reportedly nixed all guilty goodies and stuck to the bare essentials — lean protein like chicken and fish, almond butter, starch-free veggies, and just a little bit of fruit.

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