Every Bad Habit Meghan Markle Got Prince Harry to Quit (Including 1 You Never Saw Coming)

Though their royal wedding is in the rearview mirror, it still seems as if the entire world is focused on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Since Meghan is far from the traditional British bride (she’s a divorced American, for one), there’s certainly plenty to talk about.

Part of the reason everyone seems to adore this couple is Meghan is clearly a positive influence in Harry’s life. It’s no secret Meghan lives a very healthy lifestyle, and Harry is clearly picking up on her habits. Learn how she’s influencing him to be healthier, including one way you wouldn’t have guessed (page 5).

This was Meghan’s deal-breaker

Crushing out a cigarette in a ashtray

She made him quit this dirty habit. | iStock

Since they first became a couple, Meghan let it be known that she didn’t care for Harry’s smoking habit. And sources close to the prince report he has “pretty much quit” smoking, which couldn’t have been easy to do. But because Meghan has given up quite a bit for him (acting, her U.S. citizenship, etc.), it only seems fair.

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A new royal nutritionist

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle during a visit to Catalyst Inc science park in Belfast

Harry is seeing a nutritionist. | Niall Carson-Pool/Getty Images

Prince Harry was clearly inspired by Meghan’s healthy diet. Cooking Light reports he hired a nutritionist, Gabriela Peacock, who has worked with the royal family before. She’s a very well-respected nutritionist with her own line of supplements, so there’s no doubt she’s helping him.

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More kale, fewer carbs


Harry is on a kale, protein, and smoothie bowl-heavy diet. | Sarsmis/iStock/Getty Images

Leading up to the big day, Prince Harry really cleaned up his diet. According to Cooking Light, one of Peacock’s signature programs involves cutting out most sugar, loading up on protein, and cutting out dairy. Her recipes consist of a lot of antioxidants, including plenty of vegan smoothie bowls.

Furthermore, Meghan apparently turned to the Dukan diet before her nuptials, which Kate Middleton used to slim down for her wedding to Prince William.

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Meghan’s love of exercise is contagious

Prince Harry (L) and fiancee Meghan Markle leave after their visit to Star Hub

Harry is hitting the gym more. | Chris J Ratcliffe/Getty Images

It’s no secret that exercise is a vital part of Meghan’s life. And Prince Harry has definitely increased his workouts, as well, hiring a personal trainer at a central London gym, according to Vanity Fair. Considering Meghan’s lifelong dedication to fitness, it’s safe to say these two will keep up the workouts for years to come.

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Meghan has been teaching him yoga

Meghan Markle

Her mom is a yoga instructor. | Silentyogacz via Instagram

Meghan is a self-described yoga fanatic (her mom is a yoga instructor), and sources close to the couple say she’s been teaching Prince Harry yoga for months. Both of them have apparently been using it to reduce stress.

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Meghan ‘kicked off his health drive’

Prince Harry arrives to Charlestown Dock on the Island of Nevis

Prince Harry has always kept himself in pretty good shape. | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

According to Vanity Fair, Prince Harry’s friends sometimes tease him for his newly formed habits. “We all ribbed him a bit because he suddenly got super healthy. It was obviously dating Meghan that kicked off his health drive,” one of his friends said.

But the prince has always been in good shape. After all, he is a former captain in the British Armed Forces, so he’s no stranger to breaking a sweat.

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An active honeymoon?

Sandals Resort on March 7, 2012 in Montego Bay, Jamaica

Could the royal couple have an active honeymoon? | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

There was a been a lot of speculation about where the royal couple would spend their honeymoon. But with the super-healthy lifestyle they’re both so clearly committed to, it seemed safe to assume they’d go somewhere where they can hike and drink green juice instead of a place where they’ll relax by the pool and drink margaritas. The couple has been keeping their honeymoon location a secret while they’re enjoying it, but previous reports suggested they might head to Namibia, where they’ll observe animals in the wild and relax away from their public.

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