These Common Foods Can Help Ease Everyday Pain

As we age, our natural systems break down and we experience increasing body pain. Aside from chronic pain disorders, most of this pain can be managed with over-the-counter or light prescription pain relievers. Some people happily take pills, but others may want to try a more natural path to pain relief.

Check out these common foods and how they can help relieve your everyday aches and pains. Some of them even boost over-the-counter medications. And eating one common, tasty fruit has surprising pain relief benefits (page 9).

1. Coffee

National Coffee Day is Sept. 29

Who knew your morning habit could benefit you so much? | Christopher Jue/Getty Images

Eat this if: You experience sore, stiff muscles.

Coffee is full of good-for-you antioxidants, but research suggests caffeine may have other benefits, too. Apparently, it can reduce “delayed-onset muscle pain and force loss” following exercise. So the next time you go for a morning jog or hit the gym, be sure to fill up on that cup of joe.

If you were to take a cup of coffee with your pain reliever, the amount of caffeine actually acts as a pain reliever booster. If you don’t have coffee or just don’t like the taste, try using a caffeine supplement instead. It could also help you stay awake a little longer after a hard exercise.

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