Everything We Know About ‘Deadliest Catch’s’ Captain Blake Painter Who Died Tragically at Age 38

Anyone who has viewed just one scene from the hit TV show, Deadliest Catch, knows the work is dangerous. But what’s surprising is that Blake Painter, a former captain on the show, didn’t lose his life fishing. Learn all there is to know about Painter’s unexpected death, ahead.

He fished his entire life

Blake Painter on a boat.

Painter dedicated his life to fishing. | Brookedanielle76 via Instagram

Blake Painter spent practically his entire life fishing, according to a fan site for the show. Painter started fishing at the age of three. He began skippering at 19 years old and bought his own boat — it’s not made of gold like another famous boat — in February 2008.

Hint: Painter appeared early on in the show.

Appeared in early episodes of Deadliest Catch

A ship seen on the show.

Painter appeared on the series. | Discovery Channel

Painter appeared in early episodes of Deadliest Catch, according to USA Today. The show’s now in its 14th season and has won 16 Emmys. Painter appeared in seasons two and three. He worked as an engineer and eventually worked his way up.

Hint: Painter appeared in episodes in the early 2000s.

He became a skipper

Two fishermen pulling up a metal crate.

Painter had special skills. | Discovery Channel

Painter eventually became the skipper of the F/V Maverick crab boat and held the position for six years. His time as skipper aired on the show in 2006, according to Deadline. Painter, a second-generation fisherman, fished 11 months out of the year.

Hint: Others on the show have died.

Other cast members have died

Tony Lara on the boat.

Tony Lara died from a heart attack. | Discovery Channel

A number of people have died who either appeared on the show or worked behind the scenes. A captain, Tony Lara, had a heart attack in his sleep and died at the age of 50 in 2015, according to CBS. And Phil Harris, a skipper, died of a stroke in 2010. Deckhand, Justin Tennison, died in 2011 because of sleep apnea complications, according to People. And a former producer on the show was shot and killed in California.

Hint: Painter’s friend didn’t hear from him.

His friend couldn’t locate Painter

Blake Painter on the boat.

A concerned friend reported his missing status to the police. | TheSource via Twitter

After being unable to reach Painter, a friend of his became worried. The friend contacted law enforcement who went to Painter’s home and discovered his body. “He was located on Friday but probably passed away a day or two ahead of that,” Tom Bergin, Clatsop County Sheriff, told Deadline.

Hint: Police know this about Painter’s death.

Was he murdered?

Yellow law enforcement line with police car.

The police found his body in his home. | carlballou/iStock/Getty Images

“There was no evidence of foul play,” Bergin said. Authorities believe Painter’s death wasn’t a result of homicide. But an event in Painter’s recent past may hold a clue about the manner of his death. Learn more on the next page.

Hint: Painter had experience with drugs.

Painter arrested for heroin

Blue police light on top of a police car at night.

It seems Painter had a history with heroin. | Chalabala/iStock/Getty Images

In Astoria, Oregon, Painter, seen smoking heroin in his car by a police officer, was “charged with driving under the influence of intoxicants, unlawful possession of heroin, tampering with physical evidence, and reckless driving,” according to The Daily Astorian.  Allegedly, an officer saw Painter smoking heroin while driving, which he then hid in his car in early January 2018.

Hint: Reports will provide more information about Painter’s death.

No cause of death yet

Blake Painter on a boat with three fish.

An investigation is underway. | Discovery Channel

Authorities don’t know the way in which Painter died but tests will be conducted to hopefully provide answers. A cause of death will not be released until a toxicology report has been completed, Bergin told The Associated Press.

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