Weight Watchers for Weight Loss: Things You Should Know Before You Try It

Have you tried several diets without much luck? Are you ready to try something new so you can finally lose weight? Then you might be thinking about starting Weight Watchers. The company revised its diet plan in 2015, re-branding it Beyond the Scale. Here’s everything you need to know about Weight Watchers before you try it.

The diet operates on a points system

Pasta with roasted cauliflower on a dark table.

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If you decide to try Weight Watchers, one of the first things you’ll need to know is that the diet operates on a points system called SmartPoints (under the old plan it was called PointsPlus). Different types of food are given a certain amount of points based on their nutritional value. The diet requires participants to stick to a certain number of points per day or week. The emphasis is less on calorie counting and more on consuming a healthy diet.

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