6 Exercises You’ve Never Heard of, but Should Try Out

If you plan on building muscle or losing weight, there are some standard exercises and lifts that should serve as a foundation for most of your workouts. You’ll want to get some cardio in, and base your strategy around working different parts of your body on different days, in most cases. But if you manage to plateau at some point, or even just find yourself bored doing the same old thing every few days, it can be fun to try something new. One way to do so? Try out some unorthodox, or even unheard of, exercises.

We’ve listed six exercises you might want to try. Check out the accompanying video tutorials, and give these lifts and exercises a whirl the next time you’re feeling spontaneous.

1. Renegade row with rotation

The renegade row is a mashup of a push-up and a press, of sorts. Check out the video above to get the gist of it. Basically what you’re going to be doing is starting in the plank or push-up position with dumbbells in each hand, and then lifting each arm up behind you while twisting your body to the side. It sounds strange, yes, but when you see it in action, it makes a lot more sense.

The video tutorial above is from CrossCycle Fitness.

2. Zottman curl

The Zottman curl is another mashup-style exercise, except this time you don’t need to start on the floor. You’re basically going to be doing a standard dumbbell bicep curl, but then flipping your arms around halfway through the lift and turning it into a reverse grip bicep curl as you bring the weights down. It looks strange, but it’s a very fluid motion. And you’ll definitely feel it after a set or two.

The Zottman curl tutorial above comes via Buff Dudes.

3. Turkish get-up

This sounds like a Bruno Mars song, but it’s anything but. The Turkish get-up is instead a tricky and challenging lift, especially if you haven’t worked on your balance training in some time. As you’ll see in the video tutorial, it amounts to balancing a weight above your head and picking yourself up off the floor. It may not seem challenging, but depending on how heavy a dumbbell you decide to use, the difficulty can quickly escalate.

The video above comes to us via CrossFit.

4. Cuban press

This one sounds less like a Bruno Mars hit and more like a sandwich — but it’s another upper-body dumbbell lift. It’s a fairly simple one, too. Just make sure you start out with smaller dumbbells until you can get the movement down. Once you do, you’re basically doing a shoulder press, but starting out from an odd position. The video tutorial will explain further.

The Cuban press video is also from Buff Dudes.

5. Around the worlds

The around the world lift is ironically stationary. You’ll need dumbbells and a bench, and then make a circular lift motion with your arms — almost as if you were making a snow angel. check out the video and you’ll see what we mean.

The tutorial above is from WeightTraining.com (now part of Exercise.com).

6. Seated good morning

The good morning lift is big among Olympic power lifters, as it helps build the muscle groups in the lower back and core. You’ll need a bench and barbell, and a bit of flexibility. It can be tricky to get your form down at first, but all in all, it’s a pretty simple exercise. You’re just ducking your chest down toward the bench, and coming back up. See above.

The video above is via Catalyst Athletics.

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