‘Teen Mom’ Star Farrah Abraham May Be Involved in Her Biggest Scandal Yet

Ever since her 16 and Pregnant days, Farrah Abraham has been the center of controversy. We’ve seen her lash out at her mother and father on Teen Mom OG and clash with fellow costars more times than we can count. Her attitude hasn’t seemed to mesh well with the MTV producers either — and her fate with the network seems pretty bleak.

Now, we can take a look at the 12 biggest, most outrageous scandals Farrah’s been involved in over the years. And this includes her most shocking move yet, which many didn’t see coming. At the end of the rankings, we’ll look at other shocking Teen Mom scandals we can’t ignore.

12. She gave her daughter $600 … for losing a tooth

Sophia stands in front of her bedroom nightstand.

Is she spoiling her daughter? | Farrah Abraham via Twitter

This is the most generous tooth fairy we’ve ever heard of. Back in 2015, Farrah posted a photo on Twitter when her young daughter, Sophia, lost her two front teeth. Like any good mom, she rewarded Sophia with a gift from the magical fairy herself. But the gift was an outrageous $600 in cash.

That’s not the first time Farrah went completely overboard with her gifts, either. Remember when she bought Sophia a miniature horse?

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11. Her father physically brawled with a costar during the reunion show

Amber Portwood on a red carpet.

Her father got into an altercation with Amber Portwood. | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

It’s a good thing MTV decided to censor parts of this epic brawl. Radar Online reports a nasty screaming match broke out on a Teen Mom OG reunion between Farrah and costar Amber Portwood.

During the reunion, Farrah mentioned that Amber’s fiancé at the time looked like a pedophile. Amber then came storming on to the stage to confront Farrah about what was said. After a few minutes of getting in each other’s faces, Amber took a swing at Farrah, and Amber’s fiancé tried to hit Farrah’s father. Needless to say, it was a mess we’ll never forget.

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10. Farrah’s return to Teen Mom OG almost made another mom quit the show

Farrah holds a microphone as Maci sits next to her.

These two never got along. | Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

It’s no secret most of the other Teen Mom OG stars can’t stand Farrah. So when Farrah was no longer part of the cast, the rest of the show’s stars were elated. The joy was short-lived, however, as she returned mid-season — and that’s when Maci Bookout threatened to leave the show.

Radar Online reports Maci was concerned because of Farrah’s sex tape, and she didn’t want herself or her son associated with that. Farrah found out about Maci’s concerns and aggressively fired back, making Maci feel as if she was being treated “like a dog.” The two never made amends and still can’t stand each other.

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9. Farrah had her daughter call Nicki Minaj a ‘total loser’ on camera

Sophia's message to Nicki Minaj.

Farrah doesn’t seem to mind when her daughter puts herself online. | Sophia Abraham via Twitter

It’s not just the other Teen Mom stars Farrah doesn’t get along with. In January 2016, Us Weekly reports Nicki Minaj and Farrah started feuding online when the rapper tweeted that Farrah was being rude to her own mother on the show. After much back and forth, Farrah announced she’s no longer allowing her daughter Sophia to watch Nicki Minaj videos.

It didn’t stop there, either. On Sophia’s Twitter account (yes, she has her own social media) the then-6-year-old posted a video calling the rapper a “total loser.”

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8. Farrah told another mom having a second child is a ‘poor choice’

Farrah Abrams sitting on a couch looking to her left, fellow Teen Mom cast member Catelynn.

Unsolicited advice among the girls is never appreciated. | VH1

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra were the one Teen Mom couple we’ve rooted for from the beginning. They chose to give up their first child for adoption — and then when they were ready for kids, Catelynn decided to get pregnant once again. Though she and Farrah were friends, Farrah put a rift in that relationship when she told the couple they were making a “poor choice” by having another baby, Hollywood Life reports.

In response, Catelynn made a dig at Farrah by saying, “I didn’t make a so called ‘sex tape’ but WE make the bad choices? Seriously [Farrah’s] comments made my night!”

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7. The Teen Mom OG stars gave an angry toast

Catelynn, Farrah and Amber posing together.

They don’t always get along. | Michael Buckner/Getty Images

As an act of solidarity against Farrah, the rest of the Teen Mom OG stars roasted their costar while out for dinner and drinks. OK! Magazine reports the three ladies were dining together when Catelynn proposed a toast. Surprisingly, she toasted to Farrah — but she certainly didn’t have anything nice to say. After calling Farrah a number of expletives and names, the group erupted in laughter and happily drank.

Farrah was none too pleased with the insult, so she fired back by calling the other girls “trash” and “pathetic parents.”

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6. Farrah allowed Sophia to send and receive Snapchat messages from strangers

Farrah and Sophia sitting at a fashion event.

Her daughter had a Snapchat account, even though she was way to young to sign up. | Jacopo Raule/Getty Images

At just 7 years old, Sophia already had her own Snapchat account. And she wasn’t just talking to other kids — she was allegedly prompting the public to send her messages, Radar Online reports. One follower even reported Sophia because “she was asking for random texts from random people.”

Snapchat is designed for those 13 and up, and because of this, Sophia’s account was promptly removed after the reports. Unsurprisingly, Farrah didn’t have a problem with her daughter using the app.

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5. Her obsession with going under the knife

Farrah's hospital photos.

A lip enhancement gone wrong | Farrah Abraham via Twitter

Farrah’s well known for enhancing her body with frequency — but her botched lip surgery in 2015 really highlights what can go wrong. Us Weekly reports Farrah talked about the experience as a “wake up call,” as the numbing product applied to her lips caused them to nearly triple in size. She even posted photos of her horrifying experience on Twitter to serve as a warning to other women.

Even after her scary reaction, she still revealed back in 2015 that she was considering a butt enhancement. And according to In Touch Weekly, she went through with the procedure two years later.

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4. She said she was ‘almost raped’ by her Uber driver, but the whole thing was exaggerated

Farrah Abraham posing with her boyfriend on a red carpet.

Farrah made up the entire lie and got her boyfriend involved. | Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for MTV

In March 2016, Farrah explained her odd encounter with an Uber driver on her podcast. She said he looked at her strangely as she approached his car “like he was mentally disabled,” Daily Mail Online reports. Farrah then said her boyfriend had to rescue her because the Uber driver almost raped her.

It wasn’t long before Farrah retracted her statement. After backlash, she then said, “It could have escalated into a rape situation.” And Uber says it has no reports of this — but they did ban her from using the service.

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3. Farrah allowed her daughter to do the hiring and firing for her boutique

Farrah Abraham giving her daughter a kiss on a red carpet.

Her daughter is calling the shots. | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

At just 7 years old, Farrah’s daughter already owned a children’s boutique. And while plenty of celebrity parents open up shops in honor of their children, The Hollywood Gossip explains this situation is a lot more cringeworthy. “[Sophia] will be in charge of hiring, firing, picking the best products and clothing to order for the store,” Farrah said.

Can you imagine what it feels like to be fired by a child? We certainly can’t.

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2. She appeared to give her daughter special tea for weight loss

Farrah Abraham and her daughter Sophia in a Hong Kong restaurant.

According to rumors, she and her daughter detox together. | Farrah Abraham via Instagram

What started as an innocent social media post escalated into something much bigger. People reports Farrah posted a photo of her and Sophia holding up packets of Flat Tummy Tea. In the caption, Farrah hinted that she and her daughter were drinking the tea together to detox after eating too much Halloween candy.

Her followers were outraged, of course. One even wrote, “You truly can’t be that stupid, can you?”

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1. She attempted to sue MTV for $5 million because she was ‘sex shamed’ for participating in pornography

Farrah and Sophia sitting at a fashion event.

She is suing MTV for firing her. | Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for MTV

In October 2017, Farrah was “fired” from the show — and she went out for revenge. E! News reported she filed a $5 million lawsuit against the production companies and producers involved in the making of the show for “wrongful termination.” According to Farrah, she was “sex shamed” and “ridiculed” by the production crew after she told them she was pursuing opportunities in the adult entertainment industry.

Farrah says the incident caused her to suffer “emotional pain, emotional suffering, inconvenience, and mental anguish.” In March 2018, it was reported that she and MTV had reached a settlement.

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Kailyn Lowry made inappropriate racial remarks about her son

Amber poses with her husband on a red carpet.

Was this a racist comment or a misunderstanding? | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

A preview for the Teen Mom 2 finale troubled many viewers back in 2014. In Touch Weekly reports mom Kailyn Lowry and her ex, Jo Riviera, were discussing her son’s haircut via text. Jo read a message from Kailyn saying, “Little white boys don’t get their hair cut like that.” And that’s not all. She continued with, “He’s too young for that. He’s half white. I don’t like his hair cut like that. Please don’t do that.

Keep in mind here that though Kailyn is white, Jo is Puerto Rican. While Kailyn and Jo have both defended the remarks by saying MTV’s editing was to blame, we can’t ignore that there might have been some racism at play here.

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Maci Bookout had a spanking controversy

Maci Bookout smiles while posing in a blue dress at a fashion event.

She stuck by her decision. | John Phillips/Getty Images

Maci Bookout seems like one of the most down-to-earth moms on the show, but she caused quite a stir during her Being Maci spinoff special in 2013. Us Weekly reports there was one scene where Maci and friends took her young son Bentley bowling. Bentley wasn’t too keen on taking turns, though, so the mom brought him into the bathroom to spank him.

As far as spanking goes, Verywell maintains that it’s not an effective way to punish children. Nevertheless, Maci defended her actions after a tirade of negative comments about the episode.

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Leah Messer used drugs and almost dropped an infant

Leah Messer looks to the side worried

She nodded off while holding her niece. | MTV

It seems as though Leah Messer, mother of three girls, has had some of the most difficult trials of all the former teen moms. It’s still unclear exactly what went wrong for her in Season 6. But reports of drug abuse were rampant, and her ex Corey Simms even accused her on camera.

Messer had a few off moments throughout the season, but the biggest one was in Episode 8, where she, oddly enough, was discussing her upcoming stint in a rehab facility. She still denied her issue was with drugs. But the cameras told a different story, as Messer nodded off while holding her niece, almost dropping the baby.

Fortunately, Messer seems to have fully recovered since her stint in therapy.

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Amber Portwood was charged with domestic battery against her child’s father

Amber Portwood smiles while wearing glasses.

Amber also landed in hot water over this scandal. | Rich Polk/Getty Images

From struggles with addiction to landing herself in prison, Amber has come a long way. But back before she started turning her life around, she faced felony domestic violence charges, CNN reports. The film crew recorded footage of her kicking, slapping, shoving, and choking the father of her child and boyfriend at the time, Gary. And what’s even worse is her daughter, who was only 1 year old, witnessed the violence.

That’s not the only time Amber was violent with Gary, either. But now that they’ve gone their separate ways, all that drama is hopefully behind them.

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Jenelle Evans and a costar’s father duked it out on Twitter

Jenelle Evans looks over to her side as she sits on a couch.

She never lets herself get pushed around by other costars.  | MTV

Jenelle Evans of Teen Mom 2 fame is no stranger to drama, whether it involves her mother, romantic life, or costars. And Radar Online says Jenelle and Andy Houska, co-star Chelsea Houska’s father, went at each other on Twitter, igniting an epic feud.

It started with Andy sending out a sarcastic tweet that read, “It is good to scream at each other in front of the kids, it teaches them great things,” following a screaming match seen on the show between Jenelle and her mother. Evans tweeted back, saying, “I am so sick of you commenting on my life. Go tend to your own family,” with multiple expletives before and after. She deleted the tweet, but the animosity between the two remains.

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