FBI’s Most Wanted: The Revealing Stories Behind the Men the FBI Is Searching For

The FBI’s Most Wanted List has evolved and changed quite a bit since the “Ten Most Wanted Fugitives List” was started in 1950. Since then, the Bureau’s website reports, 483 of the 517 people wanted for heinous crimes have been apprehended. But what’s more fascinating than the crimes these people committed, are the stories behind them.

Here is a look at the Top 10 list created in November 2017, and some of the most notorious names to ever be placed on it.

Robert William Fisher — added to the Most Wanted list in 2002

Fisher's mugshot.

He is still on the loose. | Altavisionmedia via YouTube

Fisher made his way onto the FBI’s “Top Ten” list for allegedly murdering his wife and two children, then blowing up their home in Scottsdale, Arizona. According to evidence gathered from interviews, it’s believed that Fisher’s wife was planning to leave him, and that the murders ensued. Fisher has yet to be found, although tips about his whereabouts continue to come in, with some as recent as 2016. The FBI reopened the case on its 15th anniversary with age-enhanced photos.

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Jason Derek Brown — added in 2007

Brown's mugshot.

The FBI is still looking for Brown. | Crime Watch Daily via YouTube

The FBI is issuing a $100,000 reward for help in capturing the individuals on the “Top Ten” list — except for Brown, who warrants a $200,000 reward. He is wanted for allegedly shooting and killing an armored car guard outside a movie theater, and then fleeing with the money. Despite being on the run, the FBI’s website says that Brown likes hiding in public, attending social events and nightclubs. He allegedly has several aliases, maintains contacts in multiple states, and speaks fluent French.

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Alexis Flores — added in 2007

Alexis Flores in a photograph.

Alexis Flores is still on the list. | Top 10 Clipz via YouTube

Flores is wanted in the murder of a young girl in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 2000. Five year-old Iriana DeJesus was reported missing in July of that, and her body was found less than a week later strangled in a nearby apartment building. According to Fugitive.com, a t-shirt found at the crime scene was identified as being given to a homeless man named “Carlos.” It wasn’t until 2007 that Flores’ DNA was added to the Combined DNA Index System and was found to match the DNA of Carlos. Flores is believed to be hiding in the United States or in his native Honduras.

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Eduardo Ravelo — added in 2009

Ravelo's mugshot.

He might have altered his appearance. || Top 10 Clipz via YouTube

It was reported in early 2017 that the FBI was making a bigger push to find Eduardo “Tablas” Ravelo. He and his criminal syndicate, the Barrio Azteca, are believed to carry out murders for the Vicente Carrillo Fuentes Drug Trafficking Organization. (Ravelo himself is wanted for three of them.) He is also wanted for money-laundering, racketeering, and drug-related activities in Texas. The FBI released new age-enhanced photos in hopes of catching Ravelo, despite knowledge that he may have gotten plastic surgery to alter his appearance and finger prints.

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William Bradford Bishop, Jr. — added in 2014

A black and white photograph of Bishop.

Bishop is believed to still be alive. | SC Videos via YouTube

Bishop, who was 77-years-old on 2014, is the oldest person to be put on the list. The former U.S. Foreign Services officer is wanted for allegedly bludgeoning his wife and children to death in their Maryland home, and then setting them on fire in shallow graves in North Carolina. It’s believed that Bishop, who was prone to violent outbursts, murdered his family after being passed up for a job. Human remains found in Alabama in 2014 were thought to be Bishop, but the FBI has since revealed that the body was not a match.

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Yaser Abdel Said — added in 2014

FBI's Most Wanted Yaser Abdel Said.

Said murdered his two daughters. | Crime Watch Daily via YouTube

Said is wanted for allegedly murdering his two daughters in Irving, Texas in 2008. Video has emerged since the murders that reveal what appears to be disturbing relationship between Said and his teenage daughters, who were found shot to death in an abandoned taxi. It’s believed that Said changed his identity to stay hidden, but that he allegedly always wears dark sunglasses and smokes Marlboro Lights 100s cigarettes, according to the FBI website. He has ties in a few different states, as well as Canada and his native Egypt.

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Bhadreshkumar Chetanbhai Patel — added in 2017

Patel sits at a table wearing a yellow shirt.

He is wanted for his horrific crimes. | Fbi via YouTube

Patel was put on the list in 2015 after allegedly stabbing his wife to death. The crime took place in the back room of the Dunkin’ Donuts where they both worked in Maryland. The Washington Post reports that investigators believe a dispute between the couple regarding their expired visas might have led to the violence. Patel was last seen getting on a train in Newark, New Jersey.

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Santiago Villalba Mederos — added in 2017

A photograph of Mederos.

Authorities are still on the look out for this suspect. | Fbi via YouTube

Washington native Mederos is known to be a gang member, with ties to several crimes in the Tacoma, Washington area. He is wanted for two murders in 2010, neither of which were reportedly gang-related. The News-Tribune says authorities believe the first murder happened as a result of a beef with a rival gang. Many believe that Mederos fleed to Mexico, where he reportedly has family.

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Alejandro Castillo — added in 2017

Alejandro Castillo's photograph.

This young fugitive is still wanted. | Fbi via YouTube

AZCentral reported in October of 2017 that Castillo was wanted to for murder of his girlfriend in North Carolina, and had crossed the border into Mexico via Arizona. According to the article, Castillo forced his ex Truc Quan “Sandy” Ly Le to withdraw a large some of money. He then drove her to a remote area and shot her in the head. Castillo then supposedly drove cross country in Le’s car with his new girlfriend. Video evidence of Castillo crossing the border was captured and released.

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Jesus Roberto Munguia — added in 2017

Mungia's mug shot.

Munguia might still be involved with his gang. | Fbi via Youtube

Munguia is the most recent addition to the FBI’s “Top Ten” list, wanted for the kidnapping and murder of his estranged wife in Las Vegas in 2008. The known gang member and convicted felon, Munguia supposedly locked his children in their bedroom before kidnapping their mother and straggling her in her own car. The car was returned to the house, where the victim’s sister found it the next day. While Munguia’s whereabouts are unknown, he is believed to still be actively connected to his gang.

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Thomas James Holden — the first name on the list

Thomas James Holden's mug shot.

Thomas James Holden was the first person to ever appear on the list. | FBI

According to Time.com, Holden had a long history of robbery before making it onto the FBI’s radar. He had even be arrested and had broken out of prison. But Holden became the first individual to make the list in 1950 for killing his wife and her two brothers in Chicago. A public tip helped officials capture him in Oregon in 1951. Holden later died in prison.

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Billy Austin Bryant — added in 1969

Billy Austin Bryant's mugshots.

He was eventually found. | FBI

Bryant holds the record for shortest amount of time on the FBI’s list. As The Huffington Post details, Bryant was serving an 18-month sentence for armed robbery when he stole a car from the prison auto shop and drove it through a chain-link fence. He then used the same car during a robbery in Maryland in 1969, which alerted the FBI. No soon had he been added to the list that he was spotted and chased by officials. He was found two hours later hiding in a neighbor’s attic.

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Victor Manuel Gerena — added in 1984

Gerena's mugshot.

Gerena has yet to be found. | SC Videos via YouTube

Gerena went the opposite route of Bryant and clocked in the longest time on the list. The alleged gang member is accused of taking part in a $7 million armored car robbery. Gerena was added to the FBI’s list, and officials spent the next few decades trying to find him and his accomplices. After 32 years on the list, the FBI removed Gerena in December of 2016. He has yet to be found.

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The names no longer on the list

A gravel and handcuffs on a wooden table.

Some names might be removed off the FBI’s Most Wanted list. | iStock.com

In a few cases, like with Gerena, names are removed from the FBI’s list. This can be because the suspect was captured or perhaps because the federal process pending against them was dismissed. But in nine different cases, the FBI website says, names were removed because “it was determined that each fugitive was no longer considered to be a ‘particularly dangerous menace to society.’”

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How the public has helped

Blue police light on top of a police car at night.

The public has helped capture these dangerous fugitives. | iStock.com

As the FBI states on their site, they rely heavily on tips from the public in helping capture fugitives that have made it onto their radar. According to the site 160 individuals placed on the “Ten Most Wanted Fugitives” list were apprehended with the help of the public. Each picture on the FBI’s site comes with info about the suspect’s appearance and whereabouts, and safety precautions when in case the suspect is violent.

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