Finding Love at Walmart: 5 Couples Share How They Met at the Superstore

Happy couple

Happy couple. | Ivanko_Brnjakovic/iStock/Getty Images

You can find love just about anywhere—even at Walmart. Surprisingly, there are plenty of people who have found the love of their life while shopping here. A Psychology Today study even found that Walmart is the most popular place people on Craigslist reported having a missed romantic connection. The evidence that love is in the air at Walmart can be seen by the number of people on Reddit who post about meeting their significant other at the superstore.

Five couples on Reddit share how they met and found love at Walmart.

1. This meeting changed their lives

A Reddit user who goes by the name extensionofme wrote about the first time he saw his wife. Their chance meeting at Walmart turned out to be lifechanging. The couple has been married for more than nine years:

I was working in Housewares. I look over at the paint counter and there she was. She was literally the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. Me being suave walked over there and asked, “Hey buying some paint huh?” She looked at me and smiled and said, “Yeah, I’m painting my bedroom.” Then I say, “Hey take a paint stick, it’s free.” She said, “thanks!” I walked away. And then it hit me. MYSPACE! (This was like nine years ago) So I went back and asked, “Do you have a MySpace?” She said she did. I gave her my MySpace information and she added me later that night. Nine years and two kids later we are more in love today than ever! Love at first site at the paint counter!

2. An unusual proposal

This couple also ended up getting married. They even got engaged at Walmart. Most people might not consider that romantic, but this Redditor was over the moon.

I met my husband at Walmart! So handsome! One night he actually proposed to me on baking aisle- -not the way you probably think though. We were [having a deep conversation] and all the sudden he was like “You wanna get married?” I was shocked, but I said “YES!!!” Though we didn’t get married until six months later … I do like the fact that my husband and I can work the same shift and sometimes even work together.

3. Their co-workers played matchmaker

Sometimes other people get in on the fun and try to match people up. This is what happened to two people who worked at the same Walmart. Their colleagues decided to play matchmaker one day and the rest is history.

My current girlfriend and I are co-workers in the same department. Other associates sort of pushed us into trying to date and we hit it off well. I had just gotten out of a really bad relationship and wasn’t expecting to find someone, especially not a co-worker.

4. A perfect match

This couple also connected after their colleagues matched them up. The match turned out to be a good one because their courtship ended in marriage. Apparently, co-workers are well-suited to play cupid.

My wife worked at another store in my market. We had met a couple times in passing as I had helped do some training at her store, which was a newly-opened Super Center. A colleague that we both knew suggested that we’d be a good match. We exchanged numbers and hit it off. We got engaged after three months of dating and married about a year later. We have now been happily married for almost five years and have 1.7 (soon to be two) children together.

5Love connection

It turns out it really is a small world. This couple hit it off right away when they met at Walmart. During their meeting, they discovered they had a lot more in common than they thought. They had so many similarities, they figured their relationship was just meant to be.

I met my boyfriend at Walmart on St. Patty’s day in 2012. He was working in the electronics section and I was a customer. We ended up talking while he was on the clock for about two hours. Long story short, we found out my grandmother’s house was his grandmother’s old house, [our birthdays] are three days apart, and the first five digits of our Social Security numbers are the same. We found all this out while talking for months. Then he ended up moving in with me. We have been official since November of 2012 and we now have a son together. Talk about instant attraction and having weird connections.

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