‘Fire and Fury’ Reveals Donald Trump’s Disturbing Nightly Habits

Donald, Baron and Melania Trump on Thanksgiving

Let’s take a peek behind the curtain | Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images

Donald Trump has some fascinating habits.

Author Michael Wolff’s explosive tell-all, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, promises a peek at a level of dysfunction that is truly mind-boggling. And while Wolff has critics who doubt his reporting, it’s hard not to delve into the madness.

One of the most shocking scenes painted in the book is the POTUS’ bedtime routine — a mix of unhealthy habits and bizarre rituals.

We’ve gone through numerous claims to find the most interesting parts of Wolff’s tell-all. Here is what Fire and Fury reveals about Trump’s bedtime habits, and the effects they may have on his health. You won’t believe what the Secret Service spent $60,000 on for Trump (No. 10).

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