First Family Rules Tiffany Trump Should Be Following, But Isn’t

Donald Trump’s first family has been dubbed unconventional: he is the first president who is currently married to his third wife, has children from all three marriages, and whose family lives in the White House sporadically.

While she is removed from both the administration and, for the most part, the public eye, Tiffany Trump is as “Trump” as any of the kids in breaking first family rules. These are the rules she’s broken, the one career path you probably forgot she pursued (page 6), and the first family rule that she is following — while her siblings aren’t (page 7).

1. The first lady and children typically live in the White House with the President

White House in Washington D C From front lawn view.

For one, she doesn’t live in the White House. | Hanusst/iStock/Getty Images

While Tiffany, at 24-years-old, is hardly a child, she recently started at Georgetown Law School. The campus overlooks the Potomac River and is located a short 1.5 miles from the White House. However, Tiffany has barely made so much as a quick drive-by to Pennsylvania Ave in recent months and continues to keep a low-key profile.
She’s been called the forgotten Trump among Donald’s adult children and remains the only one not elected to serve in his administration. This is one first family rule that Tiffany hasn’t broken — children typically don’t hold roles in the president’s cabinet — but makes her an anomaly among her half-brothers and sister.
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2. She drives herself

Tiffany and Marla Trump at a fashion show in New York City.

She insists on driving her own car. | Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Taoray Wang

Current and past presidents aren’t supposed to drive on public roads. George W. Bush revealed this fact to late night host Jay Leno, calling it one of the “worst” parts of the job. This regulation often extends to the first family, and most of them have secret service details to walk them through the streets of New York or drive them through D.C.

Tiffany has been spotted with both her own secret service, as well as hopping into the driver’s seat of a car. She noted driving around singing with her mom as one of her favorite childhood memories of their close relationship.

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3. She spent NYE at a Playboy party

Tiffany Trump wearing black sunglasses.

She went to a wild party on a family holiday. | Dominick Reuter/AFP/Getty Images

Tiffany followed in her father’s footsteps for NYE 2018 and attended a Playboy party in Los Angeles. She spent the holidays with the entire Trump crew at their “winter White House” in Palm Beach before hopping on a flight to spend NYE with a less presidential celebration. Tiffany attended Playboy’s annual NYE party hosted by 26-year-old Cooper Hefner, heir to Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Enterprises.

While Tiffany was ringing in the new year, the POTUS, Melania, and Ivanka continued the festivities with a New Year’s Eve gala at Mar-a-Lago.
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4. First children don’t typically have any social media accounts

Tiffany Trump at a pool.

She is breaking this big rule. | Tiffany Trump via Instagram

This rule of thumb isn’t official — social media has only been prevalent for the Obama and Trump administrations — but Tiffany definitely has the largest personal social media presence of any other first kid. She’s called one of the “Rich Kids” of Instagram and is joined by Kyra Kennedy, EJ Johnson, and Peter and Harry Brant.

Tiffany boasts 958 thousand Instagram followers. She took a break from the “Snap Pack” (the group’s other name) during her father’s presidential campaign but recently reunited for New Years Eve 2018. In fact, a New York Times reporter uncovered that Tiffany wasn’t allowed to hang out with her friends during the campaign.

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5. For those in the family who do have social media, they have to give up their personal accounts…

Tiffany Trump holding a balloon over a balcony.

She isn’t afraid to post photos of herself partying. | Tiffany Trump via Instagram

And adopt official accounts. For example, Barack and Michelle Obama were given “their own accounts” in 2015. “Hello, Twitter! It’s Barack! Really! Six years in, they’re finally giving me my own account,” Obama wrote in 2015. Still, Obama used @POTUS44, an official presidential account that archived his tweets. It was only once he left office that he returned to his personal account @BarackObama.

Tiffany, like most of the Trump family, kept her personal Instagram and Twitter accounts. However, unlike her half-siblings, she continues to post photos of her personal life, including these photos of her version of “back to school.”

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6. She recorded a song

Tiffany Trump's single artwork.

She didn’t take her music career any further than this single. | Jholidayquil via YouTube

Tiffany recorded “Like a Bird,” her first — and only — single, at age 17. The heavily auto-tuned track marks the first song that a First Family member recorded.

“I love music, it’s always been a big passion for me. It’s more of a hobby right now, but we’ll see in a couple of years if I actually do want to take it to the next level—to a professional level. But right now my priority is focusing on school and getting into a good college,” Tiffany told Oprah on a 2011 segment of Where Are They Now?

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7. She isn’t serving in the administration

The Trump family standing on stage.

She isn’t heavily involved in her father’s administration. | Christopher Gregory/Getty Images

Members of the First Family are discouraged from holding roles in the president’s administration. Trump’s oldest daughter Ivanka and his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, are official, albeit unpaid, advisors to the president. The rule was put in place to protect the president from being accused of nepotism as well as his or her credibility.

Many outlets dubbed her the forgotten Trump, noting how she was the only adult offspring not given a role in Trump’s campaign or administration. Tiffany graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and has started at Georgetown Law School during Trump’s term as president.

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