First-Time Parents: Here’s How to Keep Your Baby Safe this Summer

You want to go to the beach or the pool, but you have a new baby. This seems like it could be a problem. How will you keep the baby occupied? More importantly, how will you keep him or her safe from the thousands of dangers? Relax. There’s a wide array of gear that makes going to the beach or pool safe and fun for kids and parents alike. So hop aboard and check out our picks for the best beach and pool gear for safely having fun in the sun with a baby.


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Swim diapers

If you’re going to take the baby into the water, you’re going to need some swim diapers — especially in a pool. Unlike standard diapers, they don’t puff up with every drop of liquid they absorb. Instead, they keep their tight-fitting form in order to hold everything in. In case you’re not familiar with pool hygiene, when someone goes number two to a pool, the owner has to kick everyone out, drain the entire thing, and refill it, effectively ruining the day. That’s no fun for anyone, so please stock up on swim diapers.


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Sun hat

Not all little ones have full heads of hair. Some have thin wisps, while others are totally bald. Add a few hours’ worth of sun to the equation, and you’re looking at a potential disaster. The moral of the story is that you’re going to need a sun hat for your kid. This one from Zutano is great. It comes in an array of sizes and colors, and all of them look fantastic. Plus, no sunburns. Buy one here.

Pop up shade tent

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Hats are great for blocking the sun from babies heads, but you’ll probably want some additional sun protection, too. One option is to bring an umbrella to the beach, but then you have to dig a hole in the sand and hope it’s deep enough to hold the umbrella even when the wind kicks into gear. It’s a hassle. A better option is a tent. Not only does a good beach tent like this one keep the sun off your baby’s tender skin, but it also keeps the sand out of junior’s diaper. Plus its dome shape and mesh windows give baby plenty of room and a good view of the surroundings. Buy one here.

Swim shirt

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Swim shirts

Sunscreen is a necessity, but during a long day at the pool it’s hard to know when it’s time to reapply the stuff. A surefire way to protect your baby from the sun is to dress him or her in a rashguard swim shirt. These stylish tops protect babies from cold water and the sun alike, thanks to their built-in ultraviolet protection. They come in an array of sizes and colors, so you can pick the one that works best for your child. Buy one here.

Beach bag

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 Beach bag

There are diaper bags, and then there’s the EquiptBaby diaper bag. This thing’s a marvel of baby-friendly engineering that works great on the beach, at the pool, or anywhere you go with your baby. It comes with an insulated cooler to keep your bottles and snacks cold, and it’s specially designed not to swing forward when you bend over to pick the baby up. It even has a “pop-up” bassinet that you can set up to let your baby take a comfortable nap anywhere — including at the pool or beach, thanks to its 40 SPF nylon cover. Buy a EquiptBaby diaper bag now.

Pool elephant

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Pool float

It can be a lot of fun to bring your baby into the pool with you, but it’s not always fun to hold onto them the entire time. With this adorable elephant pool float, you won’t need to. It can hold children up to 40 pounds, and it has a wide cover for full protection from the sun. Before you know it, you baby will be splashing around and having a blast. Buy one here.

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