Fitness Instructors Reveal the Things They Secretly Judge You For

The gym is ground zero when it comes to people-watching and passing judgment. So it isn’t surprising that fitness instructors are throwing just as much side-eye as you are. Want to know which of your habits really gets under their skin? We did a little digging to find out what fitness instructors are secretly judging you for.

Talking during class

A group of women taking a Pilates class in a fitness studio

Taking pilates with your bestie is fun — but save the conversation for the locker room. | Bojan89/iStock/Getty Images Plus

As trainer Anja Garcia tells the Daily Burn: “If you’re able to carry on a full conversation while on the treadmill, you aren’t doing it right!” The same goes for fitness classes. We get it — group fitness classes typically create a very social environment. But you really should save chatter for before and after class so you don’t interrupt the instructor. You can bet that the instructor is negatively judging you if you are the person that can’t stop talking, especially if it’s clear that you aren’t paying attention.

Doing your own moves

Three women stretch out their legs during a workout move

Follow the instructor or hit the mat elsewhere. | Vadim Guzhva/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Want to really irk your group class teacher? Stand in the front row and start doing your own moves. There is nothing more annoying, or disrespectful, to an instructor than a student that thinks they have the go-ahead to do their own thing. What’s the point in taking a class if you aren’t going to follow along? Plus, this behavior also drives other people in your class up the wall.

Always showing up late

A group of people doing lunges during a class at a studio

You’re not a ninja … everyone can see you sneaking into class late! |

Everyone runs into class late sometimes — it happens to the best of us. But if you are that person that never makes it to Zumba on time, then your instructor is probably judging you for it. Consistently running late interrupts the rest of the class and disrupts the flow of the exercises. As The Huffington Post points out, this bad habit also irks your fellow gym-goers, who reveal that “disrupting the class after your tardy arrival is even worse than the actual act of being late.”

Making loud noises for no reason

Young women doing sports training or workout on mats

Try to keep distracting sounds to a minimum. | Kzenon/iStock/Getty Images

Cheering during a good aerobics class or loudly exhaling during yoga are commonplace in the fitness realm. But the person grunting during spin class as if it is the hardest bike ride of their life? That person is annoying the teacher, big time. Surely the instructor is happy that his or her class is challenging you. But you shouldn’t be grunting and groaning so loud that it distracts from what is being taught.

Constantly checking your phone

A woman checks her phone while wearing fitness gear

Don’t check your phone until you’re out of class. | Ammentorp Photography/iStock/Getty Images

Whether it’s mid-class text messages or mirror selfies, having your phone out is a really good way to get on your fitness instructor’s bad side. And unfortunately, far too many people are guilty of this behavior. The Daily Mail reportedly found 30% of your time at the gym is wasted on non-workout activities, including mid-workout phone use. Good rule of thumb: Unless there is a work or family emergency, there is no reason to check your phone multiple times during a fitness class.

Not dressing appropriately

A group of happy women working out at a studio

Your gym wardrobe should be comfortable. | Dolgachov/iStock/Getty Images

An instructor won’t judge you for rocking a crop top when you don’t have perfect abs. But a teacher will definitely throw shade if you are spilling out of that crop top, or if your unlined shorts are revealing your nether-regions. To avoid flashing your instructor, test out your gym outfit at home to make sure it will support you and stay in place during class.

Refusing feedback

Man and woman exercising with dumbbells

Your instructor wants to prevent injuries and help you improve. | Monkeybusinessimages/iStock/Getty Images

It seems pretty self-explanatory that instructors are there to help you get the most out of your workout. Yet there’s always that one person in class that refuses to take direction or listen to feedback. That is behavior that will draw an instructor’s ire 100% of the time. If you aren’t going to take criticism from the instructor, then you should probably stop going to their class altogether.