Flight Attendants Reveal the Secret to Sleeping Better on an Airplane

When it comes to air travel, making the most of your time helps reduce travel-related anxiety and stress. This includes sleeping while in the air. Since you have at least a few hours confined to a chair, why not? Sleeping on an airplane can significantly improve even your worst travel days — if you know how to do it right.

Try these flight attendant-approved tips for getting better sleep on every flight.

Dress comfortably

A woman reads a magazine while sitting on an airplane seat.

A flight isn’t the time to be dressed to the nines. | Kasto80/iStock/Getty Images

Don’t wear a three-piece suit to the airport unless you’re an expert at sleeping comfortably in one. It’s OK to dress down at the airport, especially when it’s (finally) nap time. Layer loose-fitting clothes — like sweatpants, T-shirts, and sweatshirts. You should also wear warm socks, comfortable shoes, and something with a lot of pockets — the fewer accessories you have to drag around with you (and attempt not to lose), the better.

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