Flight Attendants Reveal the Secrets to Avoid Getting Sick on an Airplane

Getting ready to travel? The journey from leaving home to boarding your flight can be exhausting. Even if you start your day feeling well, you might not feel so great by takeoff. These are the tips flight attendants recommend following if you want to make it through your flight without getting sick on the plane.

What causes airsickness?

Airplane interior seats

Airsickness is a real thing. | iStock/Getty Images

It’s your brain’s responsibility to coordinate signals from your inner ear, eyes, and certain muscles and joints during movement. When you’re walking forward, for example, all these signals usually line up.

Sometimes, explains Medical News Today, your brain receives conflicting signals when you’re sitting still but in motion — such as while you’re sitting in a car, boat, or airplane. You could say this confuses your brain, which is why some people feel nauseated in vehicles.

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