‘Flip or Flop’s’ Christina El Moussa Reveals the First Thing She Does Every Morning

Christina El Moussa is looking better than ever — and now we know why. The Flip or Flop star fell into an unhealthy pattern after her divorce from her ex, Tarek El Moussa, but she’s since gotten herself back on track. In admitting to People that the stress led to a loss of appetite, she explained, “I knew I needed to get back to being healthy for myself and my babies.”

While she’s claimed that chasing around her two children, Taylor and Brayden, “is a workout in itself,” she has a daily routine to keep her physically and mentally healthy.

Here’s everything she’s admitted about her daily diet and exercise, including the first thing she does every morning (page 3) and the one snack she just can’t resist (page 7).

1. Exercise is her ‘stress reliever’

Christina El Moussa

Christina El Moussa | Jerod Harris/Getty Images

El Moussa’s exercise routine isn’t just about achieving a goal weight or look. She admitted that for her, it’s a “stress reliever.” One of her favorite forms of exercise is through Orangetheory classes, which, according to Us Weekly, has her “totally hooked!”

She shared, “It combines running, which is my favorite workout, with weight training, which I never do on my own. It goes by super quickly and is always challenging. And it helped to get me in the best shape of my thirties!”

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2. She often does yoga to strengthen her body and mind

Christina El Moussa | Christina El Moussa via Instagram

Another go-to exercise for El Moussa? Yoga. She explained to People how much of an impact it’s had on her. “I have the most amazing private instructor who has changed my life,” she said.

“Our sessions are very spiritual and have really helped me cope with my divorce and other emotions I’m going through during this time.”

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3. She starts her day with a three-mile run

Christina El Moussa | Christina El Moussa via Instagram

As a busy mother, El Moussa fits in her daily exercise whenever she can. For her, that’s typically first thing in the morning. She explained to People how she gets a healthy start to her day.

“Running has always been my go-to workout,” she admitted. “Usually I only have 30 minutes for a workout, so I make sure to make the most out of it. A quick 3-mile run around my neighborhood is what I find maximizes my quick workouts and gives me energy to get through my day.”

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4. She eats overnight oats for breakfast

Banana nut overnight oats on white marble

Bananas nut overnight oats in snap lid glass jar | iStock.com/jenifoto

After a good run, El Moussa drinks her coffee with cream and Stevia. For breakfast, she fills up on healthy and delicious overnight oats.

According to HGTV’s website, “She typically flavors her oats with banana and cinnamon, but sometimes throws in berries or peanut butter to mix it up.”

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5. Her family sticks to a ‘clean and organic diet’

Christina El Moussa’s family | Christina El Moussa via Instagram

El Moussa told People magazine that she and her kids generally stick to a “very clean and organic diet.”

She explained, “My kids have food allergies so we all try and limit gluten and dairy.” She added that after her overnight oats for breakfast, the rest of her meals typically consist of “a green juice for a snack, salad with a protein for lunch, granola bar as a snack, and then a healthy dinner of chicken or salmon and veggies, tacos, or vegan chili.”

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6. She does everything in moderation

Christina El Moussa | Christina El Moussa via Instagram

El Moussa and her family might stick to a healthy diet, but she doesn’t restrict indulgences from time to time. She told People, “Nutrition is very important to me for both my own health and wellness, but also for my children.”

However, “It’s all about everything in moderation. If I want a glass of wine I’m going to have it, or some chocolate — sure why not! For me, my nutrition routine is a way of life, and I have so much energy when I exercise and eat a healthy balanced diet.”

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7. She just can’t stay away from peanut butter

Christina El Moussa | Christina El Moussa via Instagram

El Moussa admitted that the one indulgence she just can’t stay away from is peanut butter. She told Cara Clark Nutrition in 2016, “The only thing I really crave (which is the only thing I craved during pregnancy too) is peanut butter… I am obsessed!!!”

“Everyday I have a peanut butter Perfect Bar and also always a snack of rice cake with peanut butter,” she added. “I don’t know what it is, I’ve never like peanut butter this much before!”

El Moussa’s healthy balance of keeping everything in moderation is clearly working for her. We can see that on top of being in killer shape, she seems happier than ever, too.

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