These 7 Foods Have a Surprisingly High Amount of Sugar

You might assume the only foods with high sugar content are the obvious ones: Candy bars, ice cream, cake, etc. But there is a surprisingly high amount of sugar hiding in a number of foods you might eat every day — and you probably had no idea. Here are seven foods that contain much more sugar than you realized.

Greek yogurt with berries

Yogurt can be loaded with sugar. | Nata Vkusidey/Stock/Getty Images

1. Yogurt

Yogurt has some excellent health benefits. It contains active cultures that help keep your body healthy by amplifying the good bacteria in your gut. Some evidence suggests they can help female body parts stay clean and healthy, too. But yogurt can be loaded with sugar. Depending on the brand, one cup of yogurt might contain as much sugar as you should eat in an entire day. Choose natural or Greek yogurt instead to keep the sugar content low.

2. Ketchup

Ketchup is a topping suitable for most foods, but its high sugar content is something that should be recognized. One tablespoon of Heinz Ketchup contains four grams of sugar, but if you’re eating a big burger or hot dog, it’s very easy to use three or more tablespoons for your meal. Ketchup does contain lycopene, which means it has some nice health benefits, but stick to one tablespoon or avoid it altogether to lower your sugar intake.

3. Pasta sauce

It might seem like pasta sauce is nothing more than just crushed tomatoes, but there are a lot of other ingredients that go into making that canned goodness. Sugar and salt are two big ones. One cup of pasta sauce contains around 14 grams of sugar, but that could vary depending on the brand. Try making your own sauce, so you can be in control of exactly what’s in it. It takes more time, but if you make a large amount, you can refrigerate or freeze the rest.

4. Granola

The oats that make up granola are very healthy. But often, granola isn’t only oats. It’s usually paired with several other ingredients, which sometimes contain a lot of sugar. Many packaged granola varieties contain honey, and although honey does have its health benefits, it also comes with a lot of sugar.

5. Iced tea

Unsweetened iced tea is pretty much just a tea bag with a little lemon (and the lemon is optional). It’s healthy, but sweetened iced tea is what you want to avoid. It’s loaded with sugar — sometimes even more than a can of soda. Always opt for the unsweetened kind, or choose green tea instead. It’s full of antioxidants and is great for your overall health.

6. Protein bars

Protein bars definitely provide a great boost of protein, but they can also contain an unhealthy amount of sugar. The Luna Protein chocolate chip cookie dough bar has 14 grams of sugar, and the Luna Protein chocolate salted caramel bar has 15 grams of sugar. It’s easy to get protein from other sources, such as chicken, beans, or tofu, but if you’re in a hurry and need to grab something quick, opt for half a bar to reduce the sugar intake and still get some much-needed protein.

7. Barbecue sauce

Barbecue sauce is a summer staple. It pairs perfectly with chicken, ribs, and more, but it also has a high sugar content. One tablespoon of barbecue sauce usually has around five grams of sugar, but it’s easy to consume far more than that when you’re eating. Similar to ketchup, Americans tend to get carried away with their sauces. You might find yourself eating three or four tablespoons of sauce throughout your meal, so be conscious of how much sauce you’re using — and how much sugar you’re eating.

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