15 Foods That Are Actually Worth Buying at Walmart

Chances are, there’s a Walmart near you. Whether you already visit Walmart or not, you will after seeing all foods that are worth buying there. From cake (page 2) to salmon (page 7), Walmart has a hefty list of foods that are worth buying.

Old Trapper teriyaki beef jerky

Old Trapper teriyaki beef jerky | Walmart

If you’re in need of a savory, protein filled snack, look no further than beef jerky. “I’m addicted to this stuff. It’s the best, most flavorful, perfectly tender (yet perfectly chewy) beef jerky I have ever tasted,” according to BuzzFeed.

Hint: Food from this musical legend is so good, people sing about it.

Patti LaBelle’s vanilla pound cake

Patti LaBelle’s vanilla pound cake | Walmart

The most popular Patti LaBelle dessert sold at Walmart is without a doubt, her sweet potato pie. But we suggest trying her vanilla pound cake. LaBelle’s pies “proved so popular that stores had trouble keeping the sweet potato pies on the shelves,” according to Supermarket News.

Hint: Try this health drink.

Marketside green tea with coconut water

Marketside green tea with coconut water | Walmart

Drinks involving trendy foods such as coconut water can be expensive but Walmart has an affordable option. A 16-ounce bottle of green tea with coconut costs less than $1. “It’s amazing and inexpensive,” according to BuzzFeed.

Hint: Get a meal kit without signing up for a subscription service.

Street Kitchen meal kits

Street Kitchen meal kits | Walmart

Meal kits in a variety of flavors by Street Kitchen cost $3 and feed three to four people, according to Walmart. “My daughters and I were so happy to be able to make Pad Thai at home without buying so many individual ingredients,” one customer wrote about the product.

Hint: Get restaurant-style chicken wings at home.

Great Value parmesan garlic wing sauce

Great Value parmesan garlic wing sauce | Walmart

“It tastes just like the Buffalo Wild Wings parmesan garlic wing sauce,” according to BuzzFeed. Not only is the sauce affordable — it’s $2 a bottle — but buying one can save you additional cash by satisfying your craving for Buffalo Wild Wings.

Hint: Girl Scouts have competition at Walmart.

Great Value fudge mint cookies

Great Value fudge mint cookies | Walmart

Multiple reviewers noted these cookies taste like Girl Scouts’ popular Thin Mint cookies but better. The Great Value cookies cost $1.48 per box, according to Walmart. “These are my favorite cookies of all time!!” one reviewer said.

Hint: Try this salmon dish.

Sam’s Choice zesty herb salmon with vegetables


Sam’s Choice zesty herb salmon with vegetables | Walmart

Sam’s Choice is a product line available at Walmart with many options. One being a salmon and vegetable meal kit. “It is really amazing because of the great, complex, herb sauce that complements the fish and the vegetables,” a reviewer said. Cooking Light warns against eating the entire kit yourself “because there’s a whopping 2,600mg of sodium in the kit’s entirety.

Hint: Gluten-free doesn’t have to mean expensive.

Van’s gluten-free waffles

Van’s gluten-free waffles | Walmart

Gluten-free foods don’t have to be expensive or sacrifice taste. One reviewer describes these waffles as “delicious and flaky and just better than all the other waffles out there in the frozen foods section.” Plus, these waffles are affordable.

Hint: This all-purpose oil will be a staple in your pantry.

Nutiva organic coconut oil with butter and garlic flavors

Nutiva’s butter and garlic infused coconut oil is exclusive to Walmart stores, according to Society19. The spread is great for bread, popcorn, sautéing and more. Reviewers who can’t eat butter love the texture and flavor of the spread.

Hint: Sick of veggie noodles? Try these instead.

Miracle Noodles shirataki pasta

Miracle Noodles shirataki pasta | Jet

Made of water-soluble fiber from the konjac plant, these noodles “still satisfy hunger like regular pasta,” according to Women’s Health. A favorite among reviewers, these noodles are gluten and carb free. The color may be unlike traditional noodles but you’ll forget once you try them.

Try this easy meal that’s dietician approved.

Alaskan Jack’s Louisiana style salmon

Alaskan Jack’s Louisiana style salmon | Walmart

Walmart has good salmon meal options to choose from. This salmon from the brand, Frontier Harvest, is no exception. It’s an “easy meal that will actually fill you up,” Danielle Omar, R.D. and nutrition consultant, told Women’s Health.

Hint: In need of a quick and easy breakfast? Try this.

Quaker overnight oats

Quaker overnight oats | Walmart

Grab these overnight oats if breakfast is a meal you often skip because you don’t have time. “This cut out all prep time for breakfast,” a reviewer said. They also said the lid stays on tight making the oats good for dashing out the door on your way to work. “Quick, easy, tasty, and healthy,” another reviewer said. What’s not to like?

Hint: Don’t leave the frozen food section without this item.

Luvo frozen meals

Luvo frozen meals | Walmart

“The meals are controlled for calories, saturated fat, sodium, and added sugar, while providing a plethora of filling whole grains and protein,” Toby Amidor, R.D., and author of The Healthy Meal Prep Cookbook, told Women’s Health. Stock these in your freezer for a quick and healthy meal.

Hint: Don’t forget about this health food item.

Betterbody Foods organic quinoa

Betterbody Foods organic quinoa | Walmart

Get a hefty dose of fiber and protein when you eat quinoa, according to Women’s Health. Prepare a big batch in advance to eat throughout the week. Having this on hand will keep you from reaching for white rice or pasta.

Hint: Don’t leave Walmart without buying this trail mix.

Southern Grove tuscan trail mix


Walmart is serious about its food bargains. | Wolterk/iStock/Getty Images

Get your salty snack fix with this tuscan trail mix from Southern Grove. The trail mix contains peanuts, sesame sticks, garlic breadsticks, rye chips, cashews, and almonds. For a new take, mix the trail mix with popcorn for an even more satisfying snack.

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