Foods That Will Give Your Skin a Youthful Glow

Want to stay looking good and feeling great, inside and out? Yes, don’t we all. What if we told you that it could be as simple as incorporating a few common foods into your weekly diet — foods that could help you retain that youthful glow for as long as possible? Well, you’re in luck. According to the experts at Safe Catch, incorporating these everyday foods into your diet can help combat the aging process and rejuvenate your body from the inside out.

1. Avocado

Sliced avocado

Avocado will give your skin a youthful glow. |

We’ve got great news for anyone who considers a meal incomplete without some form of avocado incorporated into the mix. Avocados are packed full of nutrients that help stimulate younger looking skin and a healthy heart, so there’s no need to skimp on the green goodness next Taco Tuesday.

2. Passion fruit

passion fruit juice

Passion fruit is full of vitamins and minerals. |

Inside the passion fruit, you will find an overflow of vitamins A and C, which are wonderful for anti-aging and your immune system. It’s important to keep your immune system boosted, especially when allergies kick in or flu season starts. We all know how germs spread like wildfire, so make sure you’re armed with a strong immune system to combat this.

3. Spinach


Spinach is great for the skin. |

Even one of the most iconic characters of all time, Popeye, resorted to spinach to keep his healthy physique — and for good reason. Inside this green machine are vitamins and minerals that are great for aging skin, brain, and heart health.

4. Tuna

white bowl of tuna salad

Incorporate tuna into your lunches. |

Tuna fish is full of rich omega-3 oils and vitamins, which are perfect for hair, skin, and heart health. If you’re cooking with tuna at home, be sure to make sure it is safe, pure, and mercury tested.

5. Squash

green and yellow zucchini, globe, and patty pan squash

Don’t forget about the benefits of squash. |

Perfect in a salad, on its own, or as an addition to any BBQ, squash naturally contain coumarin, which helps prevent damage to the skin, joints, brain, and heart.

6. Brussels sprouts

Fresh raw Brussels sprouts

Choose Brussels sprouts as a side dish for your meal. |

Lucky for us, Brussels sprouts have become popular side and appetizer options at hipster and upscale restaurants alike, offering a tasty substitute to otherwise common sides such as French fries, onion rings, or mozzarella sticks. Brussels sprouts are full of antioxidants and a detoxifying substance called sinigrin, which is great for skin, mobility, digestion, heart health, and immunity.