Former World’s Heaviest Woman Reveals What She Looked Like Before-and-After 800 Pound Weight Loss

Mayra Rosales went from a shocking 1,036 pounds down to an incredible 200, and she is still working today to achieve her goal weight. Once the face of a murder trial, Rosales now has a new lease on life after her dramatic weight loss journey. Here’s the before and after, and how she did it.

Mayra Rosales once weighed more than half a ton

Mayra R. sits on her bed.

Her weight loss journey is really inspiring. | YouTube

At her heaviest, the now-37-year-old weighed in at 1,036 pounds. Rosales was forced to remain in bed for years; she was too heavy to move on her own. She was diagnosed with lymphedema, ABC reported, which is swelling in the arms and legs due to lymph buildup. It was a result of thyroid problems throughout her life. When she finally decided to get help, it took 10 men to move her from one place to another when she received medical treatment.

‘I was alive but not living a life’

Mayra Rosales sits on her bed in a hospital.

A scandal made her open her eyes. | YouTube

At her heaviest, Rosales felt worthless; she was incapable of doing even the most mundane tasks on her own. Rosales was trapped in her own body. “I was dying … I was alive but not living a life,” she said in a 2015 interview. She even admitted to Access Hollywood that she had to be transported via U-Haul because she was too large for an ambulance.

Rosales’ murder trial prompted her to lose weight

Dumbbells on the gym floor.

She decided to make a huge lifestyle change. |

Rosales initially made the news for falsely confessing to accidentally killing her nephew. She claimed she rolled over the boy and suffocated him. She had no quality of life and decided to take the blame. As it turned out, her sister killed her own son by beating him with a hairbrush, and eventually the police figured it out. When Rosales cleared her name, she knew she wanted to improve her life in another way, too. She needed to lose hundreds of pounds.

She lost 100 pounds in 10 days

young healthy girl on home scales

The weight started to shed off quicker than she could have imagined. | Ensuria/Getty Images

Yes, you read that right. Once Rosales was proven too obese to have committed the crime, and after public humiliation when cameras caught her being cut out of her own house for a court appearance, Rosales started round-the-clock treatment to shed the pounds and was able to lose 100 pounds in her first 10 days. However, she still needed to lose 500 more pounds to be able to get the lap band surgery.

Multiple surgeries, a strict diet, and 800 pounds later …

Mayra Rosales cries while wearing a red shirt.

She’s never felt more like herself. | YouTube

Rosales was monitored by Dr. Younan Nowzaradan a Houston vascular and bariatric surgeon who also stars on TLC’s My 600-Pound Life. It took a lap band surgery plus multiple skin removal surgeries for Rosales to finally shed the 800 pounds she aimed for. Now, she weighs about 200 pounds, and has made a goal to lose another 30 pounds.

Her life went from ‘living to eat’ to ‘eating to live’

Plates of snacks and candies laid out on a party table.

She didn’t let food control her life any longer. | Carotur/iStock/Getty Images

“Food to me is, ‘I have to eat to live.’ Before it was living to eat, and now you know, it’s just something normal,” Rosales said in 2015 about her dramatic weight loss and strict diet plan. Rosales also had to do daily physical therapy in order to learn how to walk again, since she had spent so many years in bed, according to Access Hollywood. She also said she now eats a high-protein, low-carb diet consisting of a lot of steamed vegetables and no grease.

Rosales’ slim figure has given her a new lease on life

Mayra talking to Dr. Oz while on a segment.

She’s now a figure of inspiration to others. | YouTube

Rosales is currently working to gain custody of her sister’s children. Right now, they do not have a parent to take care of them. Today, she works to inspire many people to go out and tackle their own weight loss. One woman was able to meet her goal weight by losing 300 pounds, and her motivation came about in response to hearing Rosales’ story.

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