From Donald Trump to Teddy Roosevelt: U.S. Presidents’ Most Unhealthy Eating Habits

It’s no secret that Donald Trump maintains one seriously unhealthy diet. Heck, his eating habits make headlines half of the time! Interestingly enough, he isn’t the only person to occupy the White House that has indulged in an unwholesome menu.

We’re turning back the clock to take a look at U.S. presidents that had the worst eating habits. Warning: A couple of these may make you lose your appetite.

John Adams

President John Adams

John Adams was known for his love of beer and bread. | Wikimedia Commons

The second president of the U.S. is regarded as one of the original patriots of the country. The way he handled his health, on the other hand, was not so trailblazing. Adams had a slew of health problems, and the diet he maintained since his youth likely did little to help matters. It was said that, when Adams went to Harvard for college, he had beer and bread for breakfast every day because the other food on campus was reportedly so bad.

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William Taft

A huge slab of steak on a cutting board

William Taft reportedly ate 12-ounce steaks on the regular. | Lichaoshu/iStock/Getty Images

Being that he was the largest of the Commanders in Chief, the White House had a huge menu to accommodate Taft’s huge appetite. The obese president reportedly ate a 12-ounce steak for breakfast every morning. And that was just breakfast! It’s no wonder he weighed over 300 pounds when he left office.

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Ronald Reagan

President Reagan talking in the White House

President Reagan had a love affair with jelly beans. | Hulton Archive/Getty Images

The actor-turned-politician supposedly tried to eat whatever unhealthy food he could get his hands on. (Although his wife Nancy reportedly dictated what he ate most of the time.) He also had a serious addiction to jelly beans, which he started eating to help himself quit smoking. His love for the candy was so well known, that Jelly Belly regularly sent him large shipments of sugar-loaded jelly beans.

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George W. Bush

cheeseburger pizza

Yes — this cheeseburger pizza is really a favorite of Bush’s. |

Junior regularly makes lists of unhealthy eaters, since his pension for junk food is almost unparalleled. When he wasn’t choking on pretzels, Bush enjoyed the monstrosity known as a “cheeseburger pizza” — all the goodness of a cheeseburger used to top a pizza. Our arteries are clogging up just reading about it.

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Richard Nixon

American president Richard Nixon (1913 - 1994) announces his resignation on national television, following the Watergate scandal

Do you put ketchup on cottage cheese like Nixon? | Pierre Manevy/Express/Getty Images

Nixon had, hands down, the weirdest food quirks of any president. Tricky Dick was a huge fan of cottage cheese, and would eat it just about every day — topped with pineapple and ketchup. In fact, Nixon liked this nauseating creation so much, that it was the last meal he ate at the White House.

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Theodore Roosevelt

chicken frying in a pan

Roosevelt couldn’t get enough of fried chicken — particularly with gravy. |

Teddy was the outdoors-y type, but his appetite didn’t always reflect that “get out and go” style. Roosevelt’s favorite meal was fried chicken with lots of gravy, which had been a favorite dish since he was a young boy. Of course, all the hunting and time outside wasn’t enough to burn off all the fat from his favorite meal, which probably contributed to the obesity he suffered from later in life.

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Bill Clinton

Bill and Hillary Clinton outdoors in swimwear

Bill developed his serious dad-bod from all those cheeseburgers. | Paul J. Richards/AFP/Getty Images

Clinton has cleaned up his eating habits since leaving office thanks to a couple heart surgeries. But during his presidency, he was known for his immense love of cheeseburgers. Clinton would even take detours on his routine jogs to get McDonald’s. His love for McDonald’s was so well-chronicled that Saturday Night Live even did a skit about it.

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Calvin Coolidge

Muffins surrounded by citrus fruits on a wooden table

Corn muffins were a large source of grief in the White House kitchen during the Coolidge era. |

Of all the presidents, Coolidge was probably the pickiest eater. He liked roast beef, Vermont pickles, and corn muffins — not much else. But his love for corn muffins caused problems for the White House kitchen, as the president constantly complained that the muffins weren’t to his exact liking.

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John Quincy Adams

President John Quincy Adams

This president thought a few crackers was enough for dinner. | White House

The sixth U.S. president didn’t eat unhealthy — he barely ate at all! Although he was a fan of fresh fruit, Adams ate little else. Adams kept a detailed journal, and the only thing that is rarely mentioned is food. Apparently, he was known to say that five or six crackers was a suitable dinner.

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Gerald Ford

Pancakes with strawberries next to a strawberry syrup

Yes, Gerald Ford would really add sour cream to this beautiful stack of pancakes. |

Ford was from the Midwest, and he ate like it. All the time. While he was sure to get three square courses a day, that usually contained high-fat and carb-loaded fair, like pot roast with all the fixings, followed by a filling dessert. But his favorite meal was apple pancakes topped with strawberries and —  drum roll, please — sour cream.

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George H.W. Bush

George Bush making a speech

George Bush really hated broccoli. | Jerome Delay/AFP/Getty Images

Bush Sr. made headlines when he proclaimed that he hates broccoli and never wanted to see it on his plate ever again. He also caused quite the stir when he announced that salt-loaded pork rinds were his favorite snack, sending production of the crunchy food into overdrive. Long story short: Bush hasn’t ever been one for healthy meals.

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Andrew Jackson

toasted meringue on top of a pie

Andrew Jackson loved his fancy desserts, which didn’t help his dental issues. |

For a guy that came from humble beginnings, Old Hickory sure ate like he was a life-long foodie. His favorite picks, however, weren’t always the best for him. Jackson was reportedly a big fan of sweets, particularly fancy desserts like burnt custard and floating island. It’s no wonder he had rotting teeth later in life.

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Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was a big fan of his daily apples and coffee. | Alexander Gardner/Getty Images

It wasn’t so much about what Lincoln ate — it was about what he didn’t. The 16th president was rumored to have a hearty appetite, but only enjoyed a few foods. He had a pension for bacon and gingerbread, and would reportedly only have apples and coffee as a meal.

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Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson

Jefferson loved his French fries and giant cheese wheel. | Wikimedia Commons

How could this be? Wasn’t Jefferson the first “foodie” president? Indeed, Jefferson was known for his love of farm-to-table cuisine. But he also incorporated French cuisine into the mix, and was known for having French fries on a regular basis. He is also well-known for having a four-foot tall, 1,235 pound block of cheese delivered to the White House after his inauguration — and leaving the cheese out for two years.

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Donald Trump

Donald Trump eating a pork chop

Our president really loves unhealthy foods. | Win McNamee/Getty Images

It is well documented that the White House’s current resident isn’t just a picky eater, but an incredibly unhealthy one at that. Donald Trump reportedly gets extra helpings of things that his dinner guests don’t, including more dessert. And that’s before getting into his well-known love for fatty, salty fast food chains.

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