Bored With Exercise? Try These Fun Workouts Just About Everyone Will Love

When you do the same workout day in and day out, boredom is bound to set in. In fact, it may even hinder weight loss success, which is why you should always switch up your routine to keep your muscles guessing and avoid injury. According to one story from HuffPost, training the same way each day can cause your muscles, bones, and tendons to break down. If you’re eager to avoid an injury and ready to inject a little more fun into your exercise routine, these are the best workouts you can do.

1. High-intensity interval training

Personal trainer encouraging man to do push-ups

HIIT is great for people who get bored easily. |

High-intensity interval training, or HIIT, is one of the best forms of exercise for your body. The idea is to maximize your effort and heart rate during bursts of vigorous effort (everything from sprinting to cycling to swimming), followed by brief recovery periods. This torches fat and burns a ton of calories. HIIT workouts are usually completed in a short amount of time, so you’ll speed your way through an entire workout.

If you’re in need of a workout that’s super intense and quick, popular routines include boot camp exercises or even apps like Nike + Training Club. These different exercises will work various muscles in your body and will make you break a sweat by working your heart rate to its max.

2. Orangetheory Fitness (or other circuit training)

Man exercising on a rowing machine

Check out Orangetheory for a tough workout. |

Speaking of HIIT, Orangetheory Fitness is a studio that focuses mainly on working in your target heart rate zone. During each session, you’ll incorporate workouts on the treadmill, indoor rowing machine, and also complete resistance workouts or weight exercises. The best part is the workouts are never the same, so you’re constantly training different muscles. Since you’re including cardio and strength training exercises, you’re getting a well-rounded workout, and you’ll never get bored. There’s a studio in almost every state, so it’s a viable option for most people.

3. Spin classes

Man working out on a bike

Spin classes are constantly challenging your muscles. |

Studios that offer spin classes are high on the fitness-trend scale because of how upbeat and energizing they are. It’s not just sitting on a bike for 45 minutes and moving your legs. Studios have taken cycling to a whole new level by incorporating weights and resistance bands into sessions, including arm, ab, and chest exercises while pedaling. Some have even paired the aerobic workout with yoga.

4. Boxing

Young boxer wearing red gloves working on punching bag

Boxing is tough and exciting. |

Boxing is a total-body workout that will never leave you bored. It’s much more than just punching a bag. Boxing includes both cardio and strength training exercises that will help build and tone muscle while working your heart rate to its max. Because you can do so many different exercises with a bag and without, sessions will always be different.

At TITLE Boxing Club, a fitness chain that has over 100 locations, you can take both boxing and kickboxing classes. Boxing can also help lift your mood and build endurance, which are just a couple of health benefits, according to the Harvard Health Publications.

5. Les Mills workouts

Man working out with a barbell

This program keeps things interesting. |

Les Mills is a program that offers group classes for everything from martial arts-inspired routines to dance workouts. If you’re tired of simply using weight machines and doing the same repetitions to tone your muscles, try Les Mills’ Bodypump routine, which works your whole body using light or moderate weights. You can choose from sessions that are 30, 45, and 55 minutes long.

And there’s more to choose from if Bodypump isn’t your thing. The best part is you can do Les Mills workouts right in your own home. They offer videos you can stream right in your living room, and you can choose from HIIT, cardio, strength, core, and dance exercises. It’s a great way to keep things interesting.