Get in Shape: 50 Tips to Boost Your Endurance and Fitness

When it comes to making resolutions that actually stick, it’s all about small incremental changes. With that in mind, we’ve partnered with the experts at Gold’s Gym and asked them to dish 50 of their top tips to help make 2016 your healthiest year yet.


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1. “Include High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T.) in your overall fitness plan. We need endurance and we also need power and speed.” — Robert Reames

2. “Nutrition is discipline. The foods you eat and your eating habits have a 70-80% effect on your body composition.” — Adam Friedman

3. “Did you know your body transforms when you are asleep? During stages 3 and 4 of sleep is when your body is producing maximum reparative hormones, anti-aging hormones, and regulating your insulin functions.” — Monica Brant

4. “Drinking water keeps every part of your body working properly, but it can get boring. Feel free to mix it up by adding lemons, limes, ginger root, and other fruit.” — Eddy Campbell

5. “Set short and long term goals. Frequently revisit your goals with your personal trainer, coach, or workout buddy and hold yourself accountable.” — Lindsey Torgerson

6. “Choosing the right amount of weight to lift for an exercise comes with trial and error. Start light and increase the weight in small increments until you can’t perform the recommended reps at that current weight.” — Jamie Eason Middleton

7. “Focus on good posture inside-and-out of the gym. Add core and flexibility work to your routine to help prevent unnecessary injuries.” — Robert Reames

8. “Plan your workouts and run through them visually in your mind. This will help get you pumped for your workout and get the most out of your session.” — Jenna Douros

9. “Sticking with your designated recovery period between sets will dramatically improve your workout time, and you’ll be able to get more time in for stretching.” — Adam Friedman

10. “Listen to your body! Overtraining is a common mistake and will set you back from making progress toward your health and fitness goals.” — Lindsey Torgerson

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11. “Bake your own goodies for your holiday party potluck and showcase that a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be a boring one.” — Massy Arias

12. “Don’t plan for a six-day-a-week workout routine when you can truly only commit to four. Be realistic and build your plan around that because consistency is paramount to success.” — Jamie Eason Middleton

13. “Use photos to motivate yourself. Post photos of yourself in your best and worst shape where you’ll see them daily.” -Mike Ryan

14. “Get 7-9 hours of good sleep every night. Rest and recovery are both vital to performance and allow you to maximize the intensity and effectiveness of your workout plan.” — Robert Reames

15. “Fitness has a way of building relationships. Make time to go for a walk with your loved one, child, or friend.” — Eddy Campbell

16. “Stretch before you go to bed at night. This will help relieve the stress from the day and you will wake up feeling amazing!” — Adam Friedman

17. “Lift heavy. Tax your body with heavier weights to absorb more nutrients and burn more calories.” — Monica Brant

18. “Food is fuel, not the enemy. Cutting calories too many calories can hinder weight loss. Keep a food log to meet your daily goal and stay on track.” — Jamie Eason Middleton

19. “Create a focus board that has pictures, articles, motivational quotes, and your goals. Place it somewhere where you can be reminded on what you want to accomplish.” — Mike Ryan

20. “If you’re looking to build muscle, a high protein snack of around 100-150 calories before bed will provide your body with the nutrients necessary to repair and rebuild muscle, as well as boost metabolism while you sleep.” — Jeff Monaco

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21. “Be a student AND a teacher! Share your fitness knowledge with the people you know and love.” — Monica Brant

22. “Maintain proper posture while strength training. Keep your feet pointed straight, shoulders down and spread wide with a neutral spine from the head to tailbone.” — Adam Friedman

23. “Embrace the challenge to become a healthier, happier more lively version of yourself. It will be the greatest gift you can give yourself and your family.” — Jenna Douros

24. “Self-Myofacial Release, also known as foam rolling, can help with circulation, recovery and sore muscles. When you feel better, you move better.” — Stefan Williams

25. “Stick to the perimeter of the grocery store. The middle aisles carry more processed foods.” — Eddy Campbell

26. “Train the area of your body that you feel needs the most attention earlier in the week. This way if time gets in the way, the most important workout is behind you.” — Jamie Eason Middleton

27. “For best recovery practices, fuel your body within 20 minutes after your workout. This can include a macronutrient balanced meal or a protein packed smoothie.” — Lindsey Torgerson

28. “High-intensity interval training (or HIIT, for short) is way more impactful in getting results than standard steady state cardio.” — Adam Friedman

29. “Food is crucial to your fitness success. Make a meal plan ahead of time, and if you’re on the road, find restaurants that have healthy options.” — Mike Ryan

30. “If you want greater development in your upper body, focus on your lower body. Training legs twice a week will cause the body to release higher levels of testosterone and growth hormones.” — Jeff Monaco

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31. “To continue to see positive results in your fitness, switch up your routine at least every two weeks.” — Lindsey Torgerson

32. “The power of recovery! Taking a few days off may be beneficial and will allow your body to heal, regenerate, and grow stronger.” — Adam Friedman

33. “Eliminate all fears and perceptions. They can stop you before you even get started.” — Jenna Douros

34. “Strength training on an empty stomach can lead to a breakdown of muscle tissue and have a negative impact on your metabolism. Eat 2-3 hours before you workout, or choose a quick-digesting carb like an apple just before.” — Jamie Eason Middleton

35. “In any fitness endeavor… really learn and continue to develop the ‘motor skills’ of what you’re doing. In other words, be good at it. Many would be injuries and syndromes happen because folks are just not quite adequately skilled at a given exercise or workout.” — Robert Reames

36. “Invest in a heart rate monitor. It’s the best indicator if you’re burning fat efficiently and not wasting your time.” — Mike Ryan

37. “Use the stairs over escalators or elevators. Park in the back of the parking lot — this will not only increase your steps but is also a guaranteed way to find a parking spot.” — Eddy Campbell

38. “Strengthening the body through full range of motion allows for reduced risk of injury, and better overall quality of movement.” — Adam Friedman

39. “The average person needs about 6-8 hours of consistent sleep per night to fully recoup from their day. Figure out what amount of sleep you need and schedule your sleep accordingly.” — Lindsey Torgerson

40. “Don’t give up! There is no quick fix, and the hardest part is committing to the lifestyle change. Find what works for you by trial and error and maintain a never-give-up attitude.” — Jenna Douros

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41. “While it’s true that that HIIT (high-intensity interval training) is the superior approach to cardio, lower intensity aerobic work is shown to decrease blood pressure, improve cholesterol levels and increase cardiovascular health.” — Jamie Eason Middleton

42. “Having a training partner or group of people along side you can bring additional motivation and accountabilty so you don’t miss a workout.” –Eddy Campbell

43. “Heavy holiday foods and large portions can really throw off your health goals. When you load your plate, start with greens and veggies FIRST, then move to proteins and starches after that.” — Massy Arias

44. “Develop a no “New Years Resolution” mentality! The less you fall off your regimen in November and December, the less work you’ll have to do to get back on track in January.” — Stefan Williams

45. “Drink one ounce of water per day for every pound of lean muscle you carry.” — Lindsey Torgerson

46. “When it comes to stretching, the most effective time for lasting results is to spend 15-20 minutes after exercise to relax the muscles to their optimal resting length.” — Adam Friedman

47. “Fitness takes dedication, hard work and sacrifice, but the rewards and benefits are SO worth it!” — Jenna Douros

48. “Time your meals with your exercise to get the benefits of insulin. Put your sweet/starchy foods in the mix of your post training meal and focus on protein, healthy fat, and carbs (mainly in the form of non-starchy vegetables) for most other meals.” — Monica Brant

49. “Muscle dictates the rate and efficiency of metabolism, so whatever you’re doing in your fitness plan, be sure to include basic strength training to maximize your body’s overall ability to burn fat.” — Robert Reames

50. “Use the natural hinge at the hips instead of rounding at the back to reach for something. The variations in the deadlift, squat, split squat, and lunge are the greatest tools to re-train and strengthen the hinge.” — Adam Friedman

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