Get Ready for Another Royal Wedding — and It’s Not Meghan or Eugenie’s

From Meghan Markle to Princess Eugenie, wedding bells are sounding left and right. The British royal family is preparing for two decadent weddings, and we’re all waiting to hear the latest news. On top of the engagements we already know about, there’s another royal preparing for their big day.

So, who just got engaged? It’s not a member of the British family, but they’re certainly royalty nonetheless. Now, all eyes are on this 25-year-old as he announces the details of his nuptials.

1. The grandson of the late Grace Kelly is engaged

Grace Kelly in a photograph.

Grace Kelly would have been proud grandmother. | Hulton Archive/Stringer/Getty Images

The small nation of Monaco right off of France’s coastline doesn’t get much as much attention as Britain these days. But even so, their royal family is making headlines.

We’re all familiar with Grace Kelly, the late Oscar-winning actress who married Prince Rainer III in 1956 and thus became the Princess of Monaco, Vogue reports. The princess had three children before her untimely death from a car accident in 1982. And now, her daughter Stephanie’s son, Louis Ducruet, is engaged.

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2. Louis is marrying his former college classmate

Louis and Marie posing in front of snow trees.

They met while studying at the same university. | via Instagram

Louis, who’s just 25, is marrying his college classmate Marie Chevallier. The Charlotte Observer notes the couple met five years ago while they both attended Western Carolina University. The two actually moved to Monaco together in 2015, which was right around the time they graduated.

Though the couple hasn’t announced a date for their wedding yet, the Monaco royal family (particularly Louis’ mother) are extremely excited for what’s to come.

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3. Louis shared the news — like all millennials do — on Instagram

Louis proposing to his girlfriend.

They had a dreamy engagement. | Louis Ducruet via Instagram

So, how did the world know another royal wedding was in the works? Instagram, of course! Louis took to the social media platform to post photos of him and his bride-to-be on the beach of a Four Seasons resort, where Marie officially said “I do.” On the post, Louis writes, “Let me introduce you [to] the future madame Ducruet.” Of course, his followers were ecstatic with joy as well.

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4. His bride-to-be calls Louis the ‘love of her life’

She happily accepted. | Marie Chevallier via instagram

Louis isn’t the only one sharing the happy news. Marie also took to Instagram to celebrate her engagement. “Proud to announce that I said YES to the love of my life,” she announced with the same candid photo.

We’re unsure of what the future has in store for the couple, but it’s likely the two will lead a relatively private life. The Charlotte Observer notes Louis has spent most of his life out of the spotlight, and Marie also isn’t used to fame as a banquet and convention coordinator.

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5. Louis is 12th in line to the throne and the first of his siblings to marry

Louis and his mother, Princess Stephanie, on a balcony.

There is a wedding to plan! | Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Louis is the eldest of Princess Stephanie’s children, Fox News reports. And though he doesn’t have a royal title and seemingly lives a pretty normal life (he’s spent most of his time pursuing his education), he’s 12th in line to the throne in Monaco.

As for his status in royal life, it’s also worth noting he’s the nephew of the current monarch, Prince Albert II, Town & Country notes. You may remember Prince Albert for competing in five Olympic games starting in 1988.

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6. There’s a lot of recent news surrounding the royal Monaco family

Prince Albert II of Monaco, Prince Jacques, Princess Charlene of Monaco walking together.

Another royal couple in Monaco has made headlines in recent years. | PLS Pool/Getty Images

Though news from the British royals may overshadow Monaco, that doesn’t mean there’s little going on in their world. Vogue notes current monarch Prince Albert married a former South African Olympian in 2005. Together, the couple have had two children and also bought Grace Kelly’s childhood home in Philadelphia. This house was also where Prince Rainier III proposed to Grace.

Aside from Prince Albert, Grace Kelly’s eldest child, Princess Carolina, also made news in 2013 and 2015 when her children married.

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7. The Monaco royal wedding will be quite different than the British ones

Britain's Prince William places a wedding ring on kate middleton's finger.

Another royal wedding to look forward to! | Dave Thompson/AFP/Getty Images

As journalist Duncan Larcombe tells Elle UK, “If you like people watching there’s probably nothing better than a [British] royal wedding.” Larcombe attended Prince William and Kate Middleton’s nuptials, and he said it was unlike anything he could imagine. There’s a lot of secrecy, formality, and tradition when it comes to how the British handle these events.

Such isn’t the case for Monaco weddings these days, however. Vogue notes some Monaco royal brides have worn nontraditional wedding dresses. And the special day isn’t nearly as secretive as how the British tend to do things. As for how Louis’ wedding will compare to Meghan Markle or Princess Eugenie’s, we’ll just have to see.

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