Going on a Date: 8 Ways to Make a Good First Impression

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Seven seconds — that’s how long it takes to make a first impression, a Men’s Fitness article reports. In that time, your date can (and will) make initial judgments about you and decide whether to like you.

So many things run through men’s heads when they’re trying to make a good first impression, and it can be downright overwhelming. There are several minor details that the average guy may fail to pick up on that are ruining his chances at a good first impression. Here are a few ways to help you make a great first impression on dates, because sometimes, that’s the only chance you have.

1. Look the part

For the most part, what you wear depends upon where you’re taking her on the date. If you’re going somewhere casual, say a restaurant, don’t overdress and wear a suit and tie, and if you’re going somewhere a little more upscale, don’t underdress. Make sure you wear a nice pair of slacks or chinos with a black shirt and dress shoes. As a general rule, no matter where you go, you want to look well put together, groomed, and relaxed. If you look like a mess, your first date could also be the last.

2. Focus on her

Focus on your date when she’s talking, and don’t forget to maintain eye contact. Remember, you asked this person out because she’s special — make sure she knows that. Keep good eye contact, but don’t stare too deeply; it can come off as creepy.

3. Listen and respond

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Listen to what your date has to say, and respond accordingly. The whole point of taking her on a date is to get to know her, and if you’re not listening and focusing on what she has to say then what is the point? Women can tell when a man is not listening, so don’t pretend to be engaged — actually be engaged.

4. Speak as you normally would

Be yourself, and don’t change your mannerisms to how you think she wants you to act. Try and find hobbies you both have in common; that will help spark interesting conversations, and allow you two to bond over shared interests.

 5. Be funny

I cannot stress this enough: Women love a man who is funny. Keep the joking in good taste and don’t direct any of the jokes at her. It’s just the first date, after all. If you’re not a super humorous guy, which there is nothing wrong with, don’t force the funny. Sometimes it comes when you least expect it.

6. Don’t forget to smile

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Be charming and smile. A simple smile may help ease her fears and doubts about the first date. Smile when she’s talking, and look like you’re enjoying the conversation — even if it’s boring you to tears.

7. Be in the right frame of mind

You want to be in the right frame of mind (and hopefully a good, optimistic mood) when going on a date. If you’re miserable, then it’s best to just not go on the date at all. You’re wasting her time and yours. You’re better off rescheduling for a time when you’re feeling a bit more upbeat.

8. Sit up straight

Seeing a man with bad posture, slumped over in a chair is a big turnoff. First, it gives her the impression that you’re frumpy and out of shape because your body is doubled over. Secondly, it gives off an air of disinterest, which is sure to ruin your shot at a good first impression. Sit up straight and pay attention. You don’t want to lose a date over poor posture.

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