Workouts Couples Can Do to Get in Shape Together

Exercising with your partner is a win-win: You get to spend time with each other and get in shape. If you’re open-minded, you can think of working out together as date night 2.0. Even if you are on different fitness levels or have different strengths (perhaps you are stronger, but your significant other is more flexible), it is possible to get an effective workout and have fun doing it together.

1. Spin class

man on an exercise bike

Try going to a spin class with your significant other. |

Indoor cycling is great for couples to do together because while it’s a class, you both can adjust the bike to your own levels. Riding the bike is only as hard as you make it, too. For competitive couples, spin class is a great way to inspire each other: You can see who can burn the most calories, or who is able to bike the farthest or fastest. If there is a leaderboard, and you don’t want to compete directly with each other, you both can compare who ranks higher among their gender. There are so many opportunities for fun, athleticism, and encouragement. Even better, you won’t feel guilty about ordering a Bloody Mary at your post-workout brunch.

2. Hiking

couple exercising while hiking

Hiking is perfect for adventurous couples. |

If you didn’t know, hiking is really just walking at your own pace through nature. It is a great way to connect, because who doesn’t enjoy being outdoors in a beautiful setting? Plus, it helps you get in shape but doesn’t really feel like working out. Just be careful if you haven’t been hiking before and avoid places with unmarked trails or unclear paths. Getting lost or encountering unfriendly animals is so not sexy. Hint: Use the GPS feature on your phone.

3. Yoga

Young couple engaged in stretching in the gym

Try some yoga with your partner. |

Yoga is a great way for you to physically connect with each other. There are many classes designed for couples specifically — just check your local studio. If there isn’t one available, taking a regular yoga class together (Vinyasa, Flow, etc.) can still do the trick. Between giving each other funny looks to encouraging each other to stay in that downward dog position just a little longer, everything is better with a partner.

If you aren’t the most zen couple and are up for a challenge, consider taking aerial yoga. This is performed in a hammock anchored to the ceiling and you get to hang upside down and do acrobatic tricks. It’s a good time.

4. Dance class

a couple dancing

Dance class can be a blast when you go with your partner. |

If your partner is a diehard fan of Dancing With The Stars or So You Think You Can Dance, dance lessons are a fun way to surprise her for a birthday or no reason at all. There are so many possibilities from ballroom, to salsa, swing, tango, and beyond. While you aren’t guaranteed to become a better dancer (it’s OK to have two left feet), you are guaranteed to make her smile.

5. Tennis

man holding a tennis racket and ball

Play a fun game of tennis with your partner. |

First of all, there is nothing cuter than a lady in a tennis skirt. Hands down that should be reason enough to want to play tennis with your partner. If you still aren’t sure, you should know that according to the American Dietetic Association, in a two-hour match, recreational tennis players can burn between 600 to 1,320 calories. You don’t have to belong to a fancy club to get into the game either. Most cities have public courts you have to pay a small yearly fee to join. You can also get your friends in on the fun and invite them for a doubles double date.