These Gross Habits May Scare Away Your Partner

No one wants a partner who doesn’t take care of themselves, or whose habits are enough to drive any person crazy and have them heading for the hills. Whether you’re already in a committed relationship, or you’re still on the prowl to land the partner of your dreams, you can kiss your current, or potential, relationship goodbye if you’re an offender of any of these totally disgusting, eye-roll inducing habits.

1. Lack of personal hygiene

Smelly man

Make sure you practice personal hygiene when you’re dating. |

This should go without saying, yet it seems like some people are totally clueless to their own body odor. Sure, if you’re out in the woods on a backpacking trip or running rivers all summer, a certain expectation of general smelliness goes along with that. However, if you’re a man or woman about town who attends social functions on the reg, do us all a favor and make sure you keep yourself clean, smelling fresh, and well-groomed.

2. Chewing food like a cow

girl eating in bed

Don’t talk when you’re chewing your food. |

What’s worse than talking with your mouth full? Smacking your lips like a barn animal every time you put food into your pie hole. There’s absolutely no reason why you should be shoveling food into your mouth like it’s going out of style. Quit the incessant lip-smacking and remind us you’re a person with a general grasp on table manners.

3. Leaving dirty dishes in the sink

Man cleaning dishes in the sink

Don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink. |

It’s one thing to leave a couple dishes in the sink until the morning, but it’s quite another to have a stack piled high for days on end. Not only is it disgusting, it will start to smell, and maybe even attract gnats and fruit flies. Don’t let grossness fester in your own home. Clean the dishes, change out your sponges regularly, and spray a little Clorox on your counter.

4. Letting your beard get out of control

stylish and confident man with a beard

Don’t let your beard get too untamed. |

Coming from a gal who calls a mountain town home, I’m no stranger to, or hater of, some good manly facial hair. There’s just something about a guy who can grow hair on his face that ensures you he also, more likely than not, drinks whiskey, wears flannel, and chops his own wood. But what’s definitely not cool or appreciated is when a beard becomes so out of control that it makes you cringe. How gross is it when food particles get caught or it scratches a girl just a little too much when going in for a smooch? So please guys, keep it clean and keep it manageable, because a beard should be a nice complement to a face, not something that needs its own zip code.

5. Leaving facial hair in the sink

Disposable Shave Kit

Don’t leave facial hair in the sink. | Bolukbas

This is an important one to touch on (see previous “out of control beard” reference). You know what I’m talking about — those gross little shavings that inevitably fall in and around the sink, turning the area into a fur-covered vanity. In reality, it’s really not that tough. Ladies, this also applies to you when you clog the shower drain with your hair. So please, just do everyone a favor and clean up your own hair.

6. Oral hygiene

Woman brushing teeth

Don’t forget to brush your teeth. |

We all know no one wants to kiss an ashtray, and it’s hard to believe there are still folks out there who smoke cigarettes anyways. But what about those who just, simply put, are unaware of how bad their breath is, or how they should really take a visit to the dentist for a cleaning? Bi-annual visits to the dentist aren’t only for those who chew tobacco (yet, if you do, please heed caution and make sure your flossing game is on point). Please, don’t be a stranger to all the minty fresh products available to us.