Health Myths People in Their 60s Should Stop Believing

Getting older sometimes hurts — but it doesn’t have to. Some things get better beyond your 60s. When it comes to health, there are plenty of myths surrounding what will — and won’t — happen to your body. Sure, you’re more likely to have a handful of diseases. But there are no guarantees.

Here are all the aging myths you’ve likely heard of — as well as a few you haven’t. Find out why they aren’t true for everyone, and what you might be able to do to prevent them and stay healthy.

Myth No. 1: You’ll lose your appetite as you get older

Smiling older man eating pizza

Man eating pizza | Nyul/iStock/Getty Images

  • Truth: This is not a normal part of aging; it’s actually a sign something is wrong.

Appetite loss isn’t just something that happens to people as they get older. When it does, there’s usually an underlying medical reason, such as depression or cancer. It isn’t something you should accept or ignore.

If you or a family member has noticed abnormal changes in your appetite, consider making an appointment with your doctor.

Next: Some things — like sex — might get better as you age.

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