Health Screening Tests Men Should Get Once They’re Over 40

You may be fretting over middle age once you’ve reached 40, but with more knowledge regarding how to live a long and healthy life available than ever before, chances are good that your 40s and beyond are going to be your best years yet. Just because 40’s like the new 30 doesn’t mean you can totally ignore the doctor, however. And there are certain health screening tests that men need to pay attention to once they’ve surpassed a certain age.

These are the health screening tests you need to ask your doctor about if you’re a man who’s 40 or beyond. Trust us —  it could be life-saving.

1. Hepatitis C

Senior patient talking to a doctor
Senior patient talking to a doctor | Monkeybusinessimages/iStock/Getty Images

Age to get screened: 50+

Even if you believe you’ve never come into contact with hepatitis C in the past, it’s vital to get checked for the disease if you’re in your 40s and approaching 50. Harvard Health Publishing explains 75% of all current hepatitis C cases are cropping up in the baby boomer generation (those born between 1945 and 1965).

So, why are so many cases of hepatitis C occurring in those born in this 20 year period? It seems most people acquired it during the ’60s and ’70s when the chances of exposure were higher from medical equipment and shared personal hygiene items.

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