10 Healthy Snacks Celebrities Swear By to Keep Their Figure

Ever pore over a magazine while Hoovering a bag of potato chips and wonder how your favorite celebrities stay so fit? The salty snack in your hand holds the key! In addition to killer workout routines, your favorite celebrities are also eating healthy — even when they have a snack attack.

Want in on the best afternoon nibbles? Here’s a look at the healthy snacks celebrities swear by to stay in shape. (Warning: Angelina Jolie’s snack on page 10 will shock you. Proceed with caution.)

1. Chrissy Teigen: Pickled peppers

Chrissy Teigen attends Lip Sync Battle Live: A Michael Jackson Celebration at Dolby Theatre on January 18, 2018 in Hollywood, California.

Chrissy Teigen | Tara Ziemba/Getty Images

The avid foodie packs her cookbooks with all sorts of decadent dishes and admits to snarfing down Doritos after a photo shoot. But when it comes to eating right, Teigen reaches for a jar of pickled peppers. “They’re my go-to,” she tells Delish. “I put them in certain dishes, like tuna casserole, when I want that crunchy bite of heat, but I mainly just munch on them.”

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2. Jennifer Aniston: Hard-boiled eggs

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston | Jean Baptiste LaCroix/AFP/Getty Images

The Friends alum gave People an inside look at her daily eating habits back in 2016. Her go-to snack? Grabbing a hard-boiled egg for a mid-morning boost. “I’ll have one a few hours after I have my shake,” she says. And that’s smart, as one egg has about 7 grams of protein, which can help you stay full and give you fuel to last until lunchtime.

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3. Emma Stone: Brussels sprouts

Emma Stone

Emma Stone | Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images

In an interview with Vogue, the La La Land actress revealed her food do’s and don’ts. On her list of favorite foods, Stone reveals that Brussels sprouts are a must, which is great considering all the vitamins and nutrients this veggie packs into each little green bulb. She says her other favorite snack is french fries, but she doesn’t necessarily eat them at the same time.

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4. Julianne Hough: Apple pie smoothie

Actress Julianne Hough standing in a crowd posing for the camera

Julianne Hough | Charley Gallay/Getty Images

Heck, who wouldn’t aspire to have Julianne Hough’s incredible figure? The Dancing With The Stars alum has a crazy workout regimen, but she also eats well. That includes her favorite go-to snack — a smoothie chock-full of fruit, almonds, and Greek yogurt. Health.com recommends having this snack if you have a long stretch between meals. The site cautions: “It might be too heavy of a snack if you sip it too close to a main meal, or for someone who is less active.”

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5. Jessica Alba: Popcorn

Jessica Alba speaks onstage for Passion Play: How Jessica Alba and Mario Batali Created Multichannel Marvels during the Fast Company Innovation Festival at 92nd Street Y on October 25, 2017 in New York City.

Jessica Alba | Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Fast Company

No, we’re not talking about the butter-laden movie theater variety. Health.com reveals the actress-mom-mogul is a fan of topping this low-calorie snack with coconut oil and Himalayan sea salt. (But the website recommends swapping the salt for black pepper to prevent water retention and bloating while you snack.)

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6. Kim Kardashian West: String cheese

Kim kardashian in white dress

Kim Kardashian West | Mehdi Taamallah/AFP/Getty Images

Apparently, this fun pull-apart snack can always be found in the Kardashian West refrigerator. “String cheese is one of my all-time fave healthy snacks since it is filled with protein and calcium,” the reality TV star tells People. “I love to eat it with sliced turkey. It’s also the perfect on-the-go snack!”

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7. Selena Gomez: Pickles

Selena Gomez closeup shot

Selena Gomez | Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Billboard

Yes, the pop star has an obsession with Cheetos, which are certainly not a healthy snack choice. However, Gomez reveals to Bon Appetit that she keeps things “pretty simple” when it comes to stocking up the backstage area at her shows. That includes pickles, which are packed with vitamins and fiber. “Plenty of water and pickles,” she tells the publication.

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8. Hilary Duff: Watermelon

Hilary Duff attends the 2017 Entertainment Weekly Pre-Emmy Party

Hilary Duff | Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for Entertainment Weekly

But not just any old slice of watermelon. Duff reveals via Twitter that her go-to snack is watermelon sprinkled with Tajin and lime. While this is an excellent snack choice, those watching their sugar intake should try this with caution. “Stick to one cup and add a source of healthy fat or protein, like a quarter cup of pumpkin seeds, to blunt that effect,” dietitian Cynthia Sass tells Health.com.

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9. Victoria Beckham: Seaweed

Victoria Beckham in white shirt

Victoria Beckham | Victoria Beckham via Instagram

You may not believe the slender Spice Girl snacks on anything at all! In fact, Victoria Beckham enjoys munching on bladderwrack, which she insists is one of her keys to staying slim. This seaweed is also a superfood known for its anti-aging properties, and it can be ingested in tea form.

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10. Angelina Jolie: Crickets

Angelina Jolie wearing a black top, set against a blue UN background

Angelina Jolie | Adrian Dennis/AFP/Getty Images

OK, so whether eating bugs is actually a smart choice is debatable. But Angelina Jolie swears by eating crickets for their protein and ability to lower cholesterol. She also claims her kids enjoy eating them, too. “They can eat a bag of crickets like a bag of chips,” she tells BBC. To each their own healthy snack, we guess.

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