7 Healthy Substitutes for Your Favorite Dairy Products

4. NadaMoo ice cream

scoop of vanilla ice cream

A scoop of dairy-free vanilla ice cream can be really tasty. | iStock.com

NadaMoo makes it possible for you to enjoy frozen desserts without derailing your dairy-free diet. The secret is coconut milk, which is every bit as creamy as regular milk. All of their flavors are also cholesterol- and gluten-free. One serving of their vanilla ice cream is just 120 calories with 7 grams of fat and 8 grams of sugar. The brand also sells classic flavors like fudge brownie, salted caramel, maple pecan, and more. Even if you’re a firm believer there’s no way a healthy alternative can taste as good as real ice cream, NadaMoo is worth a try. You may even like these tasty treats better.

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