4 Weight Loss Trends You Need to Try (and 3 You Should Skip)

Are you up to speed on the latest food and fitness trends? Whether you have a love-hate relationship with coconut oil or you haven’t touched your super-expensive juicer in six months, it’s obvious trends come and go. It’s much harder to tell whether or not any of these things actually work, though. Should you get an activity tracker? Take a fitness class? Eat more probiotics? Here are the weight loss trends you can count on — and the ones you can’t.

Try: Eating to help your gut

young beautiful woman eating yogurt at home

Yogurt is a great source of probiotics. | iStock.com/nensuria

Probiotics are “in” right now — but that’s a trend you might benefit from getting behind. Your gut bacteria has a major impact on your health. A healthy gut reduces your chances of gaining weight and suffering inflammation-related diseases as a result. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on supplements, but let your gut microbiome serve as a motivator to eat fewer processed foods.

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