Here’s How Miranda Lambert Feels About Blake Shelton’s Harsh Tweets (Plus, What Blake Has to Say in Response)

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton broke up a few years ago. But the aftermath of their nasty breakup continues to boil over. Their celebrity feud has a new fire under it after Shelton recently took a social media jab at Lambert’s new relationship. Here’s how Lambert reportedly feels about the harsh criticism. (Plus, check out page 6 to see how the situation appears to be escalating.)

First, in case you missed it …

Evan Felker’s ex-wife was seen in a video reacting to the news. | Kenny Lemoine via Twitter

All of this drama started in April 2018 when Lambert and her new boyfriend, singer-songwriter Evan Felker, went public with their relationship. There was immediate speculation the relationship actually began while Felker was still married — and while Lambert was still dating her beau of two years, Anderson East. The news drew very strong reactions, especially from Felker’s estranged wife, Staci Nelson.

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If this looks familiar …

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton attend the BMI 2014 Country Awards. | Rick Diamond/Getty Images

This isn’t the first time Lambert has been accused of infidelity or muddying up another relationship. When she and Blake Shelton got divorced in 2015, rumors swirled for months alleging one or both of them had been unfaithful to their marriage. More recently, Lambert’s ex-fiance, Jeff Allen, lashed out at Shelton, accusing him of breaking up the Lambert-Allen engagement.

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What Blake Shelton tweeted

Blake Shelton’s response to the drama | Blake Shelton via Twitter

There was a strong response to Lambert and Felker’s relationship announcement. Perhaps the harshest came from Shelton himself. The country crooner posted a mysterious tweet, stating he “can finally see something on the horizon up there!! Wait!! Could it be?! Yep!! It’s karma!!” The tweet was instantly associated with Lambert’s relationship woes.

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Miranda Lambert’s response

Gwen Stefani rocking her signature red lipstick as Black Shelton hugs her.

Lambert called out Gwen Stefani in response. | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Not surprisingly, Lambert is reportedly not a fan of all the negative press her new relationship is getting. And she’s particularly perturbed by Shelton’s comments. “For Blake to throw shade at Miranda is bulls–t,” a close friend told Life & Style in Lambert’s defense. “Let’s not forget that Gwen Stefani was legally married when she started dating Blake!”

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Nelson had more to say

Evan and Staci Felker

Evan and Staci Felker | Staci Felker via Instagram

Lambert’s new boyfriend isn’t free of blame either. It turns out he was still married. And his wife took to social media with her reaction.

On April 26, Staci Nelson used her married name and posted a teary-eyed photo of herself with a “public service announcement” on her Instagram story, which read, “PSA: If Staci Felker can make it through this week, so can you.”

Nelson and Felker married in September 2016 but filed for divorce in February 2018. It’s still unclear whether Nelson found out Felker started seeing Lambert and filed or Felker blindsided his wife with papers.

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An even bigger problem

Miranda Lambert attends the Miranda MuttNation March at Nissan Stadium on June 8, 2017 in Nashville, Tennessee|

Even her fans are angry with her. | Rick Diamond/Getty Images

Getting shade from Blake Shelton isn’t the end of Miranda Lambert’s problems. Her fans are allegedly turning their backs on her in light of another infidelity scandal. “After news broke of her dalliance with Felker, social media users began leaving scathing comments on her posts, demanding she ‘stay away from people’s husbands,’ and ‘woman up and respect others and yourself,'” Us Weekly reports.

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Is Lambert in for a wake-up call?

Is she too isolated to change her behavior? | Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

Some people may cower into a corner if they are accused of breaking up a marriage. Lambert, on the other hand, is allegedly not remorseful — making her more unlikely to break her relationship pattern. “Miranda is insecure and has too many ‘yes’ people in her life,” a source tells Us Weekly. “She does this to herself. The people around her don’t feel bad anymore.” Ouch!

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Can she do commitment?

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton | Christopher Polk/Getty Images

It seems as if Miranda Lambert has a pattern. Could it be that she has a fidelity issue? “Miranda has a problem staying faithful to anyone,” one source told Us Weekly. Another added: “Miranda knew Evan was married but that didn’t stop either of them. … She isn’t remorseful.”

Will we see her new relationship ending the same way?

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What about the boyfriend?

Evan Felker has been quiet on the subject. | Jason Kempin/Getty Images for Stagecoach

It’s hard not to notice that Evan Felker has remained quiet as all the chaos has unfolded. It’s anyone’s guess when he will add his voice into the mix. But we won’t have to wait to see him out and about with Lambert. His band, Turnpike Troubadours, is slated to be a special guest on Lambert’s summer tour with Big Little Town.

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Additional reporting by John Wolfe.