Here’s Why Chelsea Clinton’s Comments About Ivanka Trump Have Everyone Upset

Former first daughter Chelsea Clinton sat down with The Guardian in 2018 to talk about her third children’s book. But — surprise! — all things Trump made it into the conversation, including her supposedly former friendship with first daughter Ivanka. She had a lot to say about her, Donald Trump, and America as a whole.

The interview didn’t sit well with many of The Guardian’s readers, and the reason why isn’t actually all that surprising (page 7).

She supported Hillary — but also ‘disagreed’ with her

U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton arrives for a rally.

Chelsea Clinton occasionally disagreed with her mother. | Win McNamee/Getty Images

  • At the time, Hillary Clinton opposed LGBT marriage rights.

Clinton said that even though she was a proud supporter of her mom, she didn’t agree with her on every viewpoint. “In 2008 I was really proud to support my mom — but I disagreed with her fundamentally on a few things. I never defended [those positions], because it wasn’t what I believed was the right thing to do.”

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She doesn’t think insulting trolls is ‘productive’

Hillary Rodham Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, Marc Mezvinsky, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge attend a reception co-hosted by the Royal Foundation and the Clinton Foundation at British Consul General's Residence on December 8, 2014 in New York City.

Hillary Clinton and Chelsea Clinton meet Kate Middleton and Prince William. | Eduardo Munoz Alvarez – Pool/Getty Images

  • People have been saying awful things to her since she was a kid.

Clinton doesn’t believe responding to hate with more hate is “productive.” Instead, she chooses to respond with what could be considered kindness. When Donald Trump tweeted at her in July 2017, she started her response with, “Good morning, Mr. President.”

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The ‘first daughters’ used to be friends

Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton collage.

Left: Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton were once good friends. | Alex Wong/Getty Images, Right: Chelsea Clinton seems to be rethinking the friendship. | Andrew Renneisen/Getty Images

  • They were seen spending time together at Glamour’s Women of the Year Awards.

The two technically haven’t had a formal falling-out — yet. But even though they seemed to get along fine during the 2016 election season, they apparently haven’t stayed in touch. According to Clinton, the two haven’t spoken in “a long time.”

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She doesn’t think Trump hired ‘qualified’ people

Chelsea Clinton holding a microphone.

Clinton has some thoughts about the Trump administration. | Monica Schipper/Getty Images for We Day

  • Clinton avoided a career in politics, and said she wouldn’t have worked for Hillary.

Clinton didn’t give a direct opinion on Ivanka’s position in Trump’s administration. But she did tell The Guardian, “I think the president should be able to hire whoever he or she thinks are best qualified. I do not believe that many of the people that he has hired have been qualified to do the jobs.”

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She doesn’t feel sorry for Ivanka …

Ivanka Trump on FOX & Friends.

Ivanka Trump might not be getting sympathy from Clinton when things go wrong. | Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images

  • Ivanka keeps getting caught up in controversies, but her dad isn’t all to blame.

Ivanka opened the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem in 2018 — a controversial move Clinton believes she didn’t technically have to associate herself with. “She’s an adult,” she told The Guardian. “She can make the choices for herself. I mean, she’s 36.”

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… or any of her other family members

Jared Kushner standing in a blue suit.

She doesn’t think Kushner is qualified to work at the White House. | Mark Wilson/Getty Images

  • Jared Kushner is a senior advisor at the White House.

More than one of Trump’s adult children technically work for him. But just because their dad may have offered them jobs doesn’t mean they had to take them, Clinton commented. “They’re adults who’ve made the decision to work in this administration.”


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People don’t think she’s all that different from Ivanka

Chelsea Clinton sitting on a couch.

The two used to be friends for a reason. | Marcus Ingram/Getty Images

  • Clinton said she and her husband already try to teach their daughter about privilege.

Both owe much of their adult success to who their parents are. They’re both well-educated and were raised surrounded by privilege — which she acknowledged during the interview.

To some, Chelsea Clinton’s comments seemed hypocritical — especially when she called for “an administration that isn’t venal, corrupt and focused on making life harder for millions of Americans.” Many believe that would have happened anyway if her mom had won the election.

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