This Hollywood Celebrity Claims Her Breast Implants ‘Slowly Poisoned’ Her

When it comes to plastic surgery, the Hollywood elite are no strangers to going under the knife. And each year in the U.S., hundreds of thousands of breast augmentations are successfully performed. Some women opt for implants to enlarge a naturally small bust, and others wish to restore their size and shape after pregnancy or weight loss. Either way, most surgeries occur without a hitch — but that doesn’t necessarily mean future complications won’t happen.

One Hollywood celebrity has been particularly vocal regarding her “poisonous” implants that nearly killed her. And she’s not the only one with serious plastic surgery woes.

First, here’s what breast implants are actually made of

Saline implants on a white table.

A doctor would talk to a potential patient about their options. |

There are three main types of implants to be considered before committing. Medical News Today explains saline implants are filled with a solution similar to salt water. They contain differing amounts of this solution depending on the desired shape and firmness of the breast. And the good news is if they leak, the body can get rid of the excess solution naturally.

Silicone gel-filled implants are another option, but they require more regular checks with doctors. If this type leaks, it can cause the entire implant to collapse.

And implants aren’t meant to last forever, either

A doctor handles implants at a table.

They require replacing every few years. | Poplasen/iStock/Getty Images

While implants are mostly safe when you get them inserted, they’re not meant to last forever, CBS News reports. The FDA says one in five women who receive breast implants for cosmetic reasons will have to remove them within 10 years. And for women who get implants after breast cancer, the chances of complications are even higher.

So, what can go wrong? Scar tissue hardening around the implant is one of the most common complications. And ruptures, wrinkles, a lopsided appearance over time, or even cancer can also result.

Crystal Hefner dealt with her poisonous breasts for 8 years

Crystal and Hugh Hefner in 2013.

Crystal’s implants made her life miserable. | Charley Gallay/Getty Images

It was the summer of 2016 when Crystal Hefner, Hugh Hefner’s wife, had her breast implants removed. Entertainment Tonight explains Crystal had her implants for eight years, but it was never an easy road. She experienced back, neck, and shoulder pain that was nearly constant for years, as well as brain fog and memory loss. Not only that, but Crystal developed mysterious food intolerances and had issues with fatigue, bladder pain, and infections.

Though she ignored the symptoms for years, she became so unwell that she could no longer get out of bed. After she had her implants removed, she noted she felt instantly better.

Crystal’s thought her symptoms were all due to Lyme disease

Crystal Hefner sitting at a luncheon.

Crystal never thought her implants were causing her health problems. | Charley Gallay/Getty Images

When Crystal first starting noticing these severe symptoms, her doctor tested and diagnosed her with Lyme disease and exposure to toxic mold. She thought this was the reason behind all of her symptoms — until a fan noted it sounded like she had breast implant toxicity.

Crystal looked up the illness and realized all of her symptoms matched. She was, in fact, fighting a losing battle with Lyme disease because her breast implants were also harming her immune system. And Lu-Jean Feng, M.D., tells RealSelf toxicity from breast implants can definitely make Lyme disease much worse.

Stephanie March’s implants became infected and nearly killed her

Stephanie March posing in a gray and white dress at a charity event.

Her body reacted horribly to the implants. | Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for City Harvest

This Law & Order star didn’t really want breast implants in the first place — and she should have gone with her gut instinct. Stephanie March tells Refinery29 the operation was fine — until one morning, when she woke up to find her right implant was infected and the seams of the scar had burst. She removed the implant, had a hole in her breast for six weeks, and went on antibiotics.

She had the implant put back in once the infection cleared, but another rupture occurred. It turns out her body continually rejected her fake breasts, so she eventually had both implants removed.

Tara Reid wished she never had fake breasts in the first place

Tara Reid

Tara Reid may regret her surgery. | Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

It was over 10 years ago when actress Tara Reid had her breast implants removed, ABC News reports. She originally underwent surgery to fix unevenness in her chest, but this resulted in bumps along the nipple and a bigger cup size than she desired. The starlet also had liposuction at the same time as the implants, and she says her stomach became the most “ripply, bulgy thing.”

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Brent Moelleken says he’s not surprised by Tara’s botched surgery. “Celebrities … often do less research than ‘normal’ patients,” he says.

And this Real Housewives star had a ruptured implant

Yolanda Foster making a speech at a podium.

She felt much better after dealing with her troubled implants. | Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Global Lyme Alliance

Yolanda Foster is another celebrity who exasperated her Lyme disease symptoms with her breast implants. Daily Mail Online explains she had her implants removed after she discovered silicone was floating in her body following a rupture. She also feared the plastic surgery made her Lyme disease much worse, which is similar to what Crystal Hefner experienced.

After a grueling seven-hour operation, she had the implants and free-floating silicone removed. Regarding the surgery, she said she was “ready to take on this evil thing, this devil stuck in my chest.”

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