These Horrible Marriage Proposal Fails Will Make You Cringe

Getting engaged is often one of the most exciting moments of people’s lives. And while a marriage proposal doesn’t have to be lavish or monumental to be meaningful, but it’s always nice to try and make such a special occasion memorable.

Of course, sometimes even the best of intentions go awry. These marriage proposals might seem like a good idea, but here’s why they’re actually the worst.

Plan before you pop the question

A woman gasping as her partner proposes.

Make this moment as special and fun as you can. | Yacobchuk/Getty Images

Even a simple proposal should be pre-planned — you might think a spur-of-the-moment surprise is more romantic, or that you’ll “just know” when the time is right, but that leaves room for too much to go awry. Think about the meaningful places and moments in your relationship. You may even want to be inspired by some of the top celebrity proposals (don’t worry, not all of them are lavish).

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The water proposal

A boat streaming by an island.

You wouldn’t want to drop the ring in these open waters. | Atlantic_Adv/iStock/Getty Images

It seems incredibly romantic to propose on a bridge or on a boat … until you get nervous and drop the ring. And if you must propose at the beach, make sure the tide is on its way out or you’re far away from the water.

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The fake arrest proposal

Blue police light on top of a police car at night.

Proposals can be fun, but don’t make them stressful. | Chalabala/iStock/Getty Images

It’s absurd to think that people still do this, but please refrain from having your partner “arrested” as part of an elaborate proposal plan. You can let them know they’ve stolen your heart in a different way.

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The drunk proposal

Red and white wine in glasses.

Don’t pop the question while tipsy. | TSchon/iStock/Getty Images

You may be moved to take a knee while you’re wasted, but these proposals are often sloppy, unplanned (without a ring), and, worst of all, instantly forgotten. Even if you’re nervous, it’s best to avoid alcohol on your special day.

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Hiding the ring in food or drink

Strawberries cheesecake on the table.

Romantic? Maybe. But it is also a choking hazard. | Jakkapop_dusiyamee/iStock/Getty Images

This idea sounds good in theory, but if you’re going to spend that much cash on a ring, you want it to be sparkling, not covered in food. Besides, by hiding the rock in dessert or champagne, you run a real risk of it being swallowed.

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The mid-argument proposal

A woman holding her partners hand while wearing a diamond ring.

A proposal should be made while both partners are calm and level-headed. |

Arguments can be passionate and heated, and you might be compelled to ask your partner to marry you during or after a big one. But not only is this a bad way to begin a life together, you’re risking being shot down by someone may not have cooled off yet.

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The public proposal

A man holds up an engagement ring.

Don’t make too much of a public spectacle out of the intimate moment. |

If you and your sweetie have a favorite restaurant or public park, by all means, pop the question there. But if you’d rather be dramatic and propose in front of a huge crowd, you’re practically asking for something to go wrong. Your partner could be embarrassed, or you could end up getting rejected in front of thousands of people.

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Please don’t fake a proposal

A woman holds up her hand as her partner inserts an engagement ring.

This is not a “Gotcha!” moment to be remembered. |

Even if you and your sweetie are real jokesters, please don’t fake proposals to keep your other half guessing. Not only is it just plain mean, you could end up in a “boy who cried wolf” situation, with someone who doesn’t believe you when you’re genuinely asking.

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