Horribly Embarrassing Real-Life Wedding Photos Couples Wish Didn’t Exist

When it comes to hiring a photographer for your wedding, you want to choose someone who will capture your day beautifully. After all, pictures are the best way to reflect on your wedding day for years to come, so you want to make sure all your photos shine a light on the best moments.

Unfortunately, some photographers have captured some downright disturbing moments that newlyweds likely didn’t end up framing. These couples are left with horribly embarrassing wedding photos — and they probably wish they didn’t exist.

1. A sea of weddings

Brides and grooms sitting

They must’ve had to wait a long time. | YouTube

We’re just as confused by this wedding photo as you are. In a sea of brides and grooms waiting to tie the knot, only one man seems to be able to stay awake. We’re thinking they’ve all had to wait in some sort of line to wed one by one, hence the nappers, but falling asleep on your wedding day isn’t exactly ideal.

2. A little too real

Bride and groom kissing in front of man on cross

This is just highly unnecessary. | YouTube

We get wanting to tie in your religious beliefs to your wedding day, but is a real-life stand in for Jesus on the cross really necessary? Whose idea was this anyway? At least the bride and groom seem happy, but maybe their laughter is masking their embarrassment. Either way, the blood on stand-in Jesus’ belly likely won’t make for particularly romantic wedding photos.

3. Blooper reel

Bridal party falling into water

Looks like everyone got a little wet. | YouTube

Thank goodness for photographers being able to capture hilarious moments in between all the beautiful ones. Luckily the water wasn’t too deep, but it appears that this wedding party was getting some scenic photos taken on a dock before it took a plunge for the water — along with everyone on it.

Hopefully the bride wasn’t too angry about getting her dress soaked. They’ll probably be able to look back on this and laugh in the future, but it doesn’t seem like they felt like laughing in the moment.

4. Too much good luck?

Groom getting rice poured on his head

I don’t think the groom needed that much rice. | YouTube

After a bride and groom wed, it’s considered good luck for guests to throw handfuls of rice into the air. However, this groom may have ended up with a little too much good luck, as these guests took it upon themselves to dump an entire bag on his head. We don’t doubt that he was finding pieces of rice hidden on his body for the next week.

5. A zombie affair

Zombie bride and groom

They will be together until the end of time. | Wacky List via YouTube

Some people incorporate a theme into their wedding, but these people went all out by turning their wedding into a zombie affair. Filled with stitched skin, blood, and bones, the bride and groom look like something out of a nightmare. We hope their grandchildren never ask to look at their grandparents’ wedding photos.

6. Happily wed

Bride and unhappy groom

We wonder how happy they are now. | YouTube

Most brides and grooms can’t keep smiles off their faces on their wedding day. This guy is clearly feeling the love, and definitely thinks he made the right choice in marrying his new, beautiful bride.

7. Half-horse wedding

Bride and groom on horses

These two were carried away on horseback. | YouTube

What more romantic way to capture your wedding than to be turned into centaur-like creatures? Being photoshopped on horse bodies is certainly a unique choice, but not in a good way. We’re not sure if the bride and groom feel embarrassed about this photo, but we definitely feel embarrassed for them.

8. Superman to the rescue?

When did Superman get long, flowing blonde hair? | YouTube

Superheros are still popular these days, but how many should be at a wedding? Nonetheless, the groom went for the Superman-not-so-in-disguise look, but was easily upstaged by Goldilocks Superman.

9. When you need a witness

Sometimes you take what you can get | YouTube

This photo looks like what happens when you desperately need a witness and don’t plan ahead. You’re basically left to ask the closest warm body to fill in. At least it looks like everyone is having a good time.

10. Change of heart?

That awkward moment when the best man takes your groom | YouTube

Did the groom have a sudden change of heart that was captured at the worst possible moment? Judging by the reactions, it certainly looks so. We wonder who actually gets to go on the honeymoon?

11. Making a splash

Bride falls head over feet | YouTube

What bride wouldn’t want to make a fairytale entrance involving water and a unicorn, or at least a horse dressed up as a unicorn? This picture perfectly captures what happens when you try to do too much for a wedding entrance.

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