The Horrifying Way These Men Treated Their First Date Will Make You Sick

Everyone has had at least one bad date, but have you ever experienced something so insane or disgusting on a first date it changed your mind about dating entirely?

From crying about an ex to even releasing gas during a kiss, some dates are worthy of being recalled so they aren’t repeated again in the future. So what are the worst of the worst? Some of these dates may inspire some people to embrace the single life. Hint: No. 5 and 6. 

1. The sexist date

A man checking out another woman.

The crazy moment many women can related to. | AntonioGuillem/iStock/Getty Images

Maybe it worked decades ago, but when a man expects more than maybe a quick peck of the cheek or verbally comments on other women’s bodies, it may be time to “tap out” on that date. Also, inappropriate touching and a discussion about what he considers is a woman’s place, The Huffington Post reports, isn’t going to go over well either.

Next: You could be dating Ted Bundy.

2. The creepy AF date

A couple having a bad date.

Some people don’t deserve a second date. | Innovatedcaptures/Getty Images

Creepy dates can be amusing but also pretty scary too. One date apologized to his date for slavery while at dinner and another individual asked his date how she felt about cutting him for sexual pleasure, The Huffington Post reports.

Other creepy gems include slurping residue drink spillage off the table, talking in the third person and admitting to know how to dispose of a dead body. At that point, it might be time to cut your losses.

Next: Keep it PG-13 rated.

3. The public display of inappropriate affection

A man seductively kissing a woman.

The type of memorable bad date you just can’t forget. | Cokacoka/iStock/Getty Images

This date checks all the boxes of a terrible date. Not only did this individual lick his date’s face during their initial encounter, he felt the need to pleasure himself in public, Buzzfeed reports.

Here’s another deal breaker. Being asked to pee on your date. He may be hot, but most women draw the line at urinating on their date during foreplay.

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4. The awkward kisser

A couple kissing in front of sunlight.

A bad kiss can ruin any date. | Ondine32/iStock/Getty Images

Not everyone can be an amazing kisser but when the evening comes to an end and you go in for a kiss, but instead get a beer burp, you know the relationship may be doomed.

Beyond sloppy or weird kissing (yep, some people don’t like their nose chewed on), there’s also the awkward reaction after kissing. One woman went on a first date and her date whispered, “I love you” after the good night hug, Insider reports. Cue awkward laugh.

Next: Smell is everything.

5. The stinky date

A woman holds her nose up in disgust.

Bad hygiene is a major deal breaker. | SIphotography/Getty Images

A smelly date can be a deal breaker, depending upon your olfactory tolerance. From body odor and that general, “I don’t shower” smell to putting on way too much cologne, the stinky date is one some people cannot overlook.

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6. The gassy date

A woman looks disgusted in front of her date.

There’s no recovering from this. | Creatista/iStock/Getty Images

Maybe farting while hanging with the guys is o.k., but most women aren’t going to swoon when you lift your butt from the seat and blow the best fart of your life. Also, laughing, commenting or rating your fart won’t win points with the ladies either. You are better off hitting the restroom to let off some gas, especially during a first date.

Next: When he just won’t let it go.

7. The date still living in the past

A man looking upset while a woman looks annoyed.

Perhaps he wasn’t ready to date so soon. | Bokan76/iStockGetty Images

Some people are clearly not ready to go on a first date after a break up and even hinge on telling their first date something that may incriminate them. One man told his first date over too many cocktails he attempted to hire someone to murder his ex wife, Buzzfeed reports.

Another guy decided it was a good time to read every text he received from his soon-to-be ex-wife on a first date, according to The Huffington Post.

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