The Toxic Household Products You Should Stop Buying

You can go to great lengths (and spend plenty of money) protecting yourself from harmful substances. Most people start by buying organic fruits and veggies or avoiding processed foods. Even still, the average household contains gallons of toxic chemicals, mostly found in everyday cleaners. Many of these items contain known carcinogens (cancer-causing substances), but that’s just the beginning.

It’s hard to find a balance between maintaining a clean home and protecting your family from potent chemicals. Start by banishing the following toxic household products from your home, then swapping for safer alternatives.

1. Plastic cutting boards

Three plastic cutting boards, a knife, and herbs

A set of plastic cutting boards | Source: Amazon

Why they’re bad: Chopping food on plastic cutting boards creates little nicks and divets, which are perfect little caves for dangerous bacteria. Things like E.coli and salmonella will hang out in cracks long after you wipe down the board, which could make you really sick. Some plastic boards also have BPA, which could get in your digestive system as you consume food that was cut on the boards.

The fix: Use bamboo or glass cutting boards, which have natural antibacterial properties. Bacteria will still get in the nicks, but it’ll eventually die off.

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